SERIES: Part 3: My “30 Day Sex Challenge”

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It’s part three of this series documenting my experience throughout the Reddit “30 Day Sex Challenge”! Today will mark Day 14 of the challenge. There have been some fantastic moments and some failures (Day 6 – Don’t try and give a massage to someone with extreme tickles!). But overall, it’s been a LOT of fun so far! If you haven’t been following our progress so far, click here to go back to the first article and join the journey from the beginning.

I wouldn’t say I’ve had any major epiphanies yet about my relationship with sex/kink/my partner, but it has made me think a bit more. Because of the challenge we’re given guidelines on what to do each day. Normally, we go to get ready for bed and get all snuggly and it goes from there. Or if it’s at a random time of the day it just sort of happens because we’re feeling giddy and horny. Now we’re actually both putting in some thought beforehand.

Day 7 – Quickie. 10 minutes or less. Try someplace/time fun

So there I was, preparing my breakfast, in the nude as always, and my boyfriend comes out to the kitchen. He came up behind me and started “helping”, as he calls it. This normally includes playing with my boobs or butt while I’m in the middle of trying to do something. So, my response was “If you’re going to do something about it, you better get going before I put the eggs on!”. That was all I needed to say. Me leaning on the kitchen counter, trying not to put my face in the salami. Hehe! It was good and while quick, it definitely built up my appetite!

Day 8 – Road Trip

Our view as we waited for the sun to set so we could sneak off for some outdoors fun

This was a fun one. There’s a big hill in our town that when you get to the top, you’re overlooking the whole town and its beautiful surrounding mountains. We’d planned to meet a friend up there for a few socially distanced drinks. So, we walked up the steep hill until we got to the top. Yes, there were kids flying up without a bother and I was huffing and puffing as we got to the top. When we got up there our friend messaged saying he was having car troubles and wouldn’t make it.

We sat anyway with our drinks and watched the sun set. We waited a while longer to try and see did the flow of people stop coming. No luck. On the way down we climbed off the path and found a place where we were totally hidden. We still wanted to be quick in case anyone came along this unofficial and slightly overgrown path. After we’d had our naughty fun, we clambered back to the path and saw a snake along the way! No, not the one in his pants a real one! Close call!

Day 9 – Sex while on a chair/sofa facing each other and away

After or hill side fun the evening before we’d been up late having drinks and video calling our mates. The “hangover horn” is great for sex. Not so great on the knees! We both love these positions, facing each other is intimate and me facing away… Well he gets a great view of my butt! I definitely should’ve done a better job at rehydrating that day cause facing away involves a lot of knee and leg strength.

Day 10 – Sensual Oil massage

We decided to skip this one. He wasn’t feeling well all day and massages hadn’t gone so well last time!

Day 11 – Oral sex only

Pretty self-explanatory. We both enjoy this and occasionally skip intercourse just to have oral fun. This one isn’t too wild. Wildest part was it was the middle of the day and on or couch.

Day 12 – Dinner out with under the table touching

A screenshot from some of the footage we shot after dinner and drinks

This had originally been no. 27 but we decided to switch it up. With the current global situation, we didn’t know if we’d be able to wait to go to dinner again. Damn you COVID-19! So, we picked a restaurant and headed out for dinner. We sat across from each other, and although the table was pretty wide, I’m sure we could’ve made it work for some after dinner footsie with our drinks.

However, we got interrupted! Friends we’d made, about a month back, happened to have come to stay in the small town we live in and walked past the restaurant we were sitting outside. Typical! So of course, they joined us for a drink and then came back to ours after for some more drinks. No sexy swinging story here unfortunately, but when they left for the night, we picked up my phone and made some sexy content while having fun. I think the extra anticipation made it even more exciting!

Day 13 – She brings him to orgasm, no intercourse

Needless to say. He loved this one! A freebie for him. So, I decided not to just go down the hand/blow job route. We did a hand/blow/boob/foot job combo. I rotated between each. He really liked the variety and he enjoys the slight taboo attached with foot jobs. While I wasn’t getting the ‘Big O’, I also enjoyed this. I enjoyed seeing his enjoyment. It was also some hell of a workout! My thighs were burning after! His response, I should give foot jobs more often because I said I wanted to tone up! The brat got a punch in the arm for that comment!

We’re only about halfway through and it’s been a lot of fun. I did mention in the first article that we both have a high sex drive. But this challenge has encouraged us to, after five and a half years of being together, not leave sex to be an afterthought and to make sure we keep the creative fun. Naughty sex doesn’t just have to be for the weekend!

If you want to try the challenge for yourself the Redditt article is here.

What do you think about our journey so far? What would you have changed? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter post.

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4 responses to “SERIES: Part 3: My “30 Day Sex Challenge””

  1. Leesha Lacey says:

    That’s a good question. I think we’re both enjoying it equally. Depends on the day. Like I know I loved playing outdoors cause that’s really my thing. But I know obviously he loved Day 13.

    Only major challenges has been his tickles and that our date night got interrupted so we had to pause and wait until 4am when our friends left. Haha

  2. This is great, who would you say is enjoying it more, you or your partner? Have you faced any major challenges yet?

  3. Leesha Lacey says:

    Hahahaha. It’s the thing we put the most energy into! Hahaha.

  4. Demon Kitty says:

    I don’t know where you find the energy!

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