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So, by now, I’m sure most of you are aware that myself and my partner have been following the Reddit “3oDay Sex Challenge”. If you weren’t aware then you should go read from the beginning, I’ll pop the link right here. It’s been really fun! We’re getting closer to the finishing line. Some days have been better than others but we’re trying new things and having a giggle while doing it. Despite being with my partner for so long, I think this challenge has taught me things about our relationship. It most definitely has been a fun work assignment! I wish they’d had assignments like this is college! So, I’m going to take you through this week just gone of what we’ve been up to.

Day 14 – Find a new place in the house for sex

This is not myself and my partner btw. We did not take any photos of our bathroom fun

It’s one you always see in the movies. A couple goes hard at it on top of a washing machine or tumble dryer. It was one I always wanted to try. I wanted to know “Is it really as good as they make it look?!”. I’ve always lived in a house where the machines have been under a countertop, so it was never possible. So, I knew exactly where I wanted to have sex when I saw this challenge. We put on a wash and waited… and waited… it felt like forever waiting for the spin cycle to start! When it sounded like it was ready, we threw off our clothes and I jumped on top. We found the right angle and went for it. It was fun but I think it might work better on a tumble dryer! Set vibrations to overload!

Day 15 – Each partner brings themselves to orgasm seated in front of partner on bed

It was a lazy Saturday. I was lying on the bed watching Netflix on my phone while he played computer games. He then came over, stood above me, and pulled his boxers down. I went “Oh yeah?” giggled and started touching myself. It was hot! We held eye contact the full time and really went at it! One thing that’s amazing about our relationship, is that while he is as dominant as me, he is an absolute gent. After five and a half years he knows what movements and sounds I make when I’m getting close. He waited, and we came together, eyes locked and he came all over me. Well, I say eyes locked, I find it impossible to keep my eyes open when cumming!

Day 16 – Watch porn together

We’ve watched porn together. It’s not a rarity. But we do tend to stick to pretty safe porn. We love to swing so the porn we pick is normally an orgy style scene. So, I decided to find us a piece that was more BDSM related. The exhibitionist within me loved it when we found video footage of a party in a BDSM House. It showed two female Submissives being interviewed about their limits, kinks, safe words, and what they expected of the night. It then moved to them in a room kneeling on a bench with an audience and two hosts for the night.

They began with a game of slaps (they’d both expressed an enjoyment in being slapped) and moved on to other games all to get the audiences juices going! This was really hot! I apologise because I can’t find the link again, (we went down a total rabbit hole looking for the right video) but this was definitely a hit with both of us! We want to find more pieces like this! We loved that it was shot really well but it was REAL! And the audience was getting involved and starting their own forms of play around the main performance. We will definitely be adding more BDSM to our porn from now on!

Day 17 – Advanced Level Karma Sutra

These were the positions we tried!

This had some great and surprising results! We looked through a list of Karma Sutra positions. We picked some of the medium level positions. It said in the category description that you didn’t need to be athletic to do these positions… That was a bit misleading. We could make the positions work but we both could’ve done with a bit of stretching beforehand!

The first position felt great, my strength is all in my legs, so we didn’t last too long that way, but it was good! With position no.2 I had to do some adjusting, my big juicy booty wanted to get in the way… but wow! Great position! No. 3, I’m not going to lie but I did not think this was going to work out! But stick a couple of pillows under my booty and it felt really great for both of us! And we finished with no. 4 because we knew it would be definitely a hit. As I mentioned in the last article, it always works for us from behind. This was great and played with my submissive side just a little. Happy campers all round!

Day 18 & 21 – Add toys into your love making

My purchases, I can’t wait to wear these again

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting on a hot and stuffy bus to travel to the nearest town to visit a sex shop didn’t seem ideal. So, I did some research and realised that the local sex stores were offering a courier service! This was excellent. I placed an order for some lingerie sets, some, lube, a vibrator and an anal vibrator the night of Day 17. The following day I received most of my purchases, so we decided to play with these. I hosted a little fashion show for him, trying on my new sets to get him going. He REALLY enjoyed them. He sees me naked all the time, (it’s hard to get me to put on clothes at times) but there’s something extra fun about lingerie that is extra sexy. That and fishnets and stockings are a big thing for him.

The wand vibrator had arrived, but we had to wait until the next day for the anal one. So, he sat me down on a chair, in my lingerie and started using it on me. So, I’ve never owned a vibrator before, I’ve always just used my hand. I have a strap on but no vibrator. Oh, Holy F*ck! I was missing out! It was intense, him standing over me using it on me. After the first orgasm he kept using it until I came two more times while giving him head. It was SO intense and so fun! Loved it!

Day 19 – Sex without intercourse

The morning of Day 19 the rest of my delivery arrived. So of course, we were going to be playing with them that night! But rather than use them as toys for masturbating we used them on each other to add an extra level of intensity and intimacy. We used the toys, we used our bodies and we both had a great time!

What am I learning?

This week I think I have learned a bit more from this challenge than I realised until sitting down to write this article. With only 10 days left to go, I think it’s been great for our relationship. I mentioned last week that it’s made us think a but more about what fun we can have with sex on a regular basis. Kink, adding toys, or even new positions doesn’t just have to be at the weekends or when you’re away at a hotel! Make it a part of your regular sex life! I’ve also found that for any newer couples out there, it can definitely help you get to know each other that bit better sexually.

This challenge makes you find the time for sex, so you have the time to explore and really pay attention to what each other are enjoying and what you’re not that in to! Build that bond. If eye contact is hard for you then make that your mission. Hold eye contact while masturbating or even during a kinky style of sex! It’s really intense but also so intimate at the same time! And it will help your couples telekinesis in your day to day life! Want to avoid a dodgy conversation, you now can just look your partner in the eye, and they’ll know it’s time to change the conversation or leave! Boom! Kink helping you out in your day to day life!

The site we found all the sex positions on was:

Have you been enjoying following our challenge so far? If you have any questions drop them below or on our Tweet and I’ll get back to them.

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