SERIES: Part 5: My “30 Day Sex Challenge”

Mistress Leesha Lacey

I’m back! Well that was a LONG wait!! So annoying, but such is nature. If you’ve been following my writing, you’ll know that myself and my partner had been following the Reddit “30Day Sex Challenge”. If you haven’t, I suggest you click the link here and start from the beginning (trust me, it’s good).

So, we went back to the “30 Day Sex Challenge.” I was excited and looking forward to getting up to some mischief but we decided to change things up a bit to suit us. If you look at the official Reddit list, you’ll see we’ve changed the order. As a couple, we don’t like to push or force anything. We always want our sexual time to feel like play and fun! So rather than following the list rigidly, we decided to take a look at the list each day and pick something from the remaining options that WE wanted to try. If we’re doing this, we’re doing it our way!

Day 20 – Share fantasies and pick one to play out

30 Day Sex Challenge - cuck and cuckolding.
My cuck loves sending while I fuck!

This was a tough one for us. Both of us LOVE group sex. It’s fun, it’s sexy and let’s be honest, it makes you feel hot as hell to be wanted by multiple people! Normally, we’d look into trying to set up a swinging date, but a global pandemic makes swinging a risky business. So, yeah, that wasn’t an option.

But there is another fantasy/kink I enjoy but never got to play out fully. That is cuckolding. The exhibitionist in me loves the idea of people watching me do my thing and having fun with my partner. But not just watching, the extra excitement comes with denying them the pleasure of orgasming while I get to multiple times. Things fell into perfect place when I started talking to a new Sub. A very polite Sub who enjoyed being teased and denied and cuckolding! He also fed into my love of FinDom so it was a win-win!

This fantasy actually played out over a few days. He was our little cuck to tease and excite and play with. Every time we were horny and wanted to play, we would message him, and he’d start sending. He enjoyed sending throughout our sex sessions and we’d send pictures or videos during to tease. This would get him even more excited and he’d keep sending. It was really hot! It definitely gave both of us a great ego boost being told how much our cuck dreamed of being involved with us.

Day 22 – He brings her to orgasm, no intercourse

This was an easy one. My partner knows my body so well at this stage that this was a piece of cake for him. I was just chilling out on our bed watching TV when he came over, started kissing me and things got going! My partner is an over-achiever, so I got VERY lucky. I got head that he drew out nice and slow until completion, Then he took out my vibrator and used his hands until I squirted. I know, I know, I’m a VERY lucky lady!

Day 23 – Take a breather, just have regular sex

Another very easy one. I mean, is there much to say about this? We got into bed to watch a trashy movie on TV and decided that having sex would be more fun. And it was!

Day 24 – Slow it down, go at about 1/4 speed. 45+ minutes

Sometimes it’s nice to just slow things down

This was something different for us. Normally when we have sex, we go hard and fast. It’s passionate and animalistic. So, the challenge of slowing it right down was interesting to both of us. We lit some candles and started into it. It was a different kind of passionate than we usually go for. Because it was slower there was more looking into each other’s eyes and connecting. I was actually a bit sore after because, while it was slower the thrusts were deeper. I think it’s something we should incorporate more often. It was great.

I think the biggest thing that I’m learning from doing this challenge is that a schedule isn’t for us. We love sex and we are enjoying incorporating new things into our sex life, but the rigidness of following the challenge is restrictive. That doesn’t mean we’re going to give up! It would annoy me to leave it so close to the end. Until next week…

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