I have been a slave for Mistress for five years now, apart from working a full time job for Her enrichment, my remaining time is spent serving Mistress in whatever way She please…


How I Wish to Serve Her

Mistress gives me a small allowance, and I live in the Slave quarters in her home paying a boarding fee from my allowance. Mistress is strict, but always treats me fairly, being her slave is a great honor.

My duties are mainly cooking and cleaning, but I will occasionally be required to assist her in dressing. Her room couldn’t be more different to mine, her wardrobe being bigger than my room, filled with gorgeous clothes, shoes, and bags worth more than my yearly allowance. Mistress has many devoted slaves who buy these things for her.

This evening, Mistress instruct me to assist her in preparation for going out, she is wearing a latex catsuit, and wants me to shine it. Mistress has a gorgeous body, shining the cat-suit she wore was an honor, but also a turn-on for me as I find her most attractive.

As she walked out the door, Mistress instructed me “While I’m gone, you will clean the silver and dust the house.” Which I did, until I received a text:

Mistress:  “I want you in the dungeon on the bench naked & blindfolded when I get home”

My heart stopped, it’s been a bad night! I knew what that means.

Not knowing how long I had, I headed straight to the dungeon. I removed my plain purple housekeeping uniform and place it on a hanger in the wardrobe. I remove my shoes and placed them neatly side-by side beneath my dress, remove my stockings, suspender, bra and panties, and create a neat pile beside the shoes.

Although alone, I felt exposed as I crossed the cold polished concrete floor to the spanking bench. The bench is made of a steel frame, with plush padded leather that the slave lies on. I kneel on the kneelers, they force my legs apart increasing the sense of my exposure, I fitted the blindfold and lay stomach-down, the cold of the leather on my skin takes my breath away initially causing a slight flinch.

Waiting there, in darkness, my sense of hearing dialed up to 11 listening for Mistress. It’s funny the things that go through the mind in that situation. I had never thought about how comfortable the bench was. The soft padding could be deceptive to the slave it embraced (to me) about what was to come.

I became aware of Mistress’s footsteps on the concrete floor, there are few sounds sweeter than heels walking across a hard floor. Blindfolded all I could do was listen, I heard her go to where the canes were kept, and heard it swish through the air. Apparently it didn’t feel right as she put it back and picked another that she swished around a few times, this time she was apparently happy with her choice.

Mistress then walked over, spoke in my ear for the first time saying “I’m unhappy, and you’re my whipping girl”, before I could say anything she placed the cane against my lips saying only “hold this”, I opened my mouth to accept the cane, getting just a bit nervous at this.

Mistress then took a paddle, and started paddling my back side, lightly at first, aiming for a different spot each time, gradually increasing the intensity. After a while she stopped, and rubbed her hand over the site of the paddling, it felt warm, but not as painful as I have experienced. She took the cane from my mouth and whispered in my ear “I want to hurt you”, and added “but because I am kind to you, I have warmed you up so what is to follow will be easier to take”, I said “Yes Mistress, thank-you for being so kind”, she positioned herself and landed the first blow, while saying “I am, aren’t I”, the blow caught me by surprise, but being comparatively light I recovered quickly and agreed with her and thanked her for the first blow, this established the pattern for now:

Swish-thwack!, “thank-you Mistress”

Swish-thwack!, “thank-you Mistress”

Swish-thwack!, “thank-you Mistress”

After a while, she stopped and embraced me bearing down on me in what I can only describe as a hug, and whispered in my ear

“I am pleased with you so far, but I am going to hurt you now.”

“I want you to please me by taking it willingly, which is why I haven’t strapped you down.”

I was very much in subspace by now, and with some effort, all I could manage was “Yes Mistress, please hurt me.”

She re-positioned herself, and with a swoosh the likes of which I had never previously heard came the Twack!, It was like a thousand bees hand stung me at the same time. I regained composure, “Thank you Mistress” with a quivering voice was all I could manage. Another blow followed in a slightly different position, the song says there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, but that line was a distant memory. Two more blows on that side, and Mistress moved to the other side for four more. If my detail seems to have lessened, it was because I was having a mindfulness moment. After now 8 very painful strokes, I was barely in my body, Mistress photographed the growing welts, four on one side, another four on the other. Again she embraced me and said gently “I’m very pleased with you slave”, “lie there for now, when you  feel stronger, get dressed, clean up in here and go to bed for the night.

I never found out why I was punished, or who earned Mistress’s displeasure, it didn’t really matter – my duty is to please Mistress and I get great pleasure from that, I have the wealts to remember that day by.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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