Sexy, Bratty and Submissive! What a Purrrfect Combination; Meet Kitty Brat

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Here Kitty, Kitty! When a potential submissive asked if I had seen Kitty Brat’s profile, I admitted that I had not. Then they sent me the link and I realized what I had been missing out on! I love a cute kitty cat, and even more so, I love a female kitty sub! This bratty little cat loves to be spoiled but also loves to be spanked! This sexy Sub and content creator is one to watch and one to enjoy. This pussy is purrrfectly naughty and purrrfectly playful. I was lucky enough to talk with Kitty Brat and her Dominant, so this week’s articles feature each of them so we can all learn more about their journey.

A purrrrrfect fit

After discovering pet play through a Facebook group, Kitty Brat decided to do some reading to understand the concept. She fell in love with the idea and decided to privately try the concept at home. Pet play became a form of release from the stresses of her vanilla life. Her submissive side allowed her to have an escape from her day-to-day pressures. This is a reoccurring theme in submissives. Everyone needs some form of release. Life’s too short to get worked up without having a way to expel those pressures, as long as it’s a healthy way to do it!

Kitty Brat was lucky, her best friend Mrs C was also beginning to explore her kinky side. This meant they could explore their kinks together. They were a perfect match as Mrs C was exploring her Dominant side and Kitty Brat leaned towards being a submissive. Kitty Brat became Mrs C’s Submissive. Together they began making content to show eager viewers what they’ve been getting up to. And trust me on this, it’s HOT!!

Personally, I find the fact that they were best friends to begin with a great selling point. Their friendship has helped them develop not only a great Domme/Sub relationship, but also a deeper emotional relationship. This really shows in their content; there’s no terribly fake acting here! This deeper connection means that Kitty Brat has never had to use her safe word. They still have a safe word of course, it’s important to establish one. But due to their connection with each other, Mrs C knows Kitty Brat’s limits. This means Kitty Brat can relax into it with a real feeling of safety.

A frisky feline

Kitty Brat has found a great power within herself from submitting. It’s not all just about the release of tension. She’s learned how to be stronger within herself and to recognize her needs and desires. It make seem ironic, but it’s very common for submissives to discover their more assertive side because of their play. Kitty Brat realized that because she needs to know her own rules and boundaries, her ability to communicate what she wants has strengthened. Kitty Brat’s even found that her newfound assertiveness has seeped into her personal life. What a great way for play to help you grow outside of the bedroom/dungeon!

While we all know there are internet trolls out there and certain people who have particular feelings towards content creators, overall Kitty Brat’s experience of content creating has been a positive one! Yes, she’s experienced some very negative and outright rude comments (especially from men), but for the most part it’s been a lot of fun. Not only does Kitty Brat really enjoy the process of creating (I mean, it’s play after all), but it’s been a great confidence boost. She’s been able to enjoy doing what she does best with her Domme, and for the most part get a lot of compliments doing it!

I loved talking with Kitty Brat and getting to know her. Her content is wonderful, and I’m so glad she was introduced to me!

If you want to see this sexy feline play go to Twitter: @KittyBrat13

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