She calls Herself a chameleon. I call Her a Goddess; It’s Miss Rae

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When we’re moving through life, we never really know what’s going to happen. Don’t get me wrong, we can make predictions based on our surroundings, plans and goals but there can always be surprises that crop up. These can be negative bumps in the road, or positive surprises that change our life. Miss Rae is one person who applied for a job and had no idea how it would change Her life! This positive surprise not only left Her with a job, but exposed Her to sex work and the kink world and She’s never looked back! My favourite question when interviewing our beautiful kinky people is: “How did you discover the world of kink and what made you want to explore it further?” because everyone’s answers are so different and interesting. So, let me share with you the story of Miss Rae’s journey.

The job was more than She expected

She was not aware she was interviewing for an escort company

As I illuded, Miss Rae applied for a job and accidentally was exposed to the sex work industry. After applying to a job posting, Miss Rae got a job working the phones for an escort agency. She had no idea it was an escort agency when She applied first. Her job was to arrange the bookings for the escorts. Escorting wasn’t for Her, but a lot of the other girls also cammed to make extra cash.

Camming was an opportunity Miss Rae was interested in and She started doing vanilla cam sessions online. One day She had a customer come into Her chat room and ask Her for a JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) session. After Googling the acronym (as I said, She’d only been doing vanilla sessions up to now) She gave it a try… AND She LOVED it! And so did the client! From there She realised that She wanted to lean more towards the Dominant Female persona. It was inside Her all along.

Owning Her new found Dominance

Now she’s in charge!

Miss Rae was loving Her newfound Dominant side. She decided to explore lots of different fetishes which She enjoyed and now caters to. While playing with these fetishes She loves the exchange of power. It’s electrifies Her to take complete control over Her Submissives and find out exactly what makes them tick. Each Submissive is different, and therefore Miss Rae loves to find out the nuances of each kink they enjoy.

She really implants Herself into their mindset to burrow away at their fantasies until they explode into a state of subspace. Since that first JOI session, Miss Rae has learned how to transfer her Domme confidence into Her personal life. I just love it when FemDom transfers and enhances our personal lives. FemDom has helped Her to be more confident and assertive, while also realising that She deserves to be worshipped! Yes Miss Rae! Know your power and OWN it!

Adaptable but in Control

She has a soft side but don’t cross her

Miss Rae describes Herself as a “chameleon” when it comes to Her domination style. This is a great description I wish I’d come up with myself. When Miss Rae uses the term chameleon, She means that She is adaptable. She has the ability to be nurturing, She also has the ability to bring that inner sadistic side out and bust some balls. She tends to lean towards the more nurturing side of domination, but don’t underestimate Her, She will switch and be demanding and controlling. At first, Miss Rae had to learn to really be in control of this adaptability. Some Submissives took Her adaptability and took advantage of this. They expected Her to cater to all of their kinks, not really taking into full account what She wanted out of the relationship.

That’s something to be aware of, the D/S relationship should be a two-way street. The Submissive should be interested in serving their Dom(me) in their shared interests. The Dom(me) should have an interest in their Subs kinks and controlling them as well as their own. But in general, as the dynamic goes, the Domme should be catered to first in order for the Sub to receive their reward. Overall, I think Miss Rae has had an amazing journey through FemDom and FinDom. It’s wild! From applying for an admin position to camming and becoming a successful Domme. I love it and I can’t wait to watch Her journey continue.

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