She Was Looking for a Vanilla Date but Instead Became a Domme. It’s Goddess_Cherish Dime

The world of kink is an unusual one. While it’s becoming SLIGHTLY less underground, it’s still seen as taboo. It’s almost like being in a secret society (in my opinion the most fun secret society in the world)! So, I love when people stumble across kink and BDSM in the most unusual places. Goddess_Cherish Dime is one of these people who wasn’t looking for kink but it just fell in her lap! It was as if she discovered an oasis, and I’m telling you, she didn’t just dip her toe in, she dove in headfirst! This absolute beauty is striking, confident, and assertive while always showing respect to her fellow Dommes and her Subs as well. This is the perfect combination for an oasis paradise and I’m loving it!

From POF to Dominatrix

Goddess_Cherish looking divine.
No wonder she had hundreds of messages on POF within 24hrs

Deciding to try out a dating site, Goddess_Cherish Dime created a profile on the world famous POF. Within a day she had hundreds of messages from eager hopefuls looking to date her. One message in particular caught her eye. The message was from a gentleman complimenting her beauty and asking her if she wanted to “own” him. Unaware of what this meant she asked him to explain further. He began describing his dream of her walking him on a leash into Prada or another designer store. She’d then pick out whatever she wanted and hand the leash to the sales assistant so that they could bring him to pay. Sounds amazing right? He goes on…

Next he told her that he owned several companies and began sending her pictures of a lavish house and yacht. He also told her that he’s a lover of chastity. Now this is where I get sceptical about whether he was telling the truth or not. He told her he had a lawyer who understood his lifestyle choices and his lawyer would help draw up a contract to sign everything over to her. Even though he would be earning money, it would all belong to her and he would have to ask her for pocket money.

Understandably, she was intrigued about his lifestyle. He asked her if she had a payment method, so she gave him a link to her CashApp. Right then and there, he sent her $1,000 and asked her if she pleased (which, duh! If anyone wants to drop me $1,000, DM @LaceyLeesha and I will be HAPPY to take your money!). They continued talking until the next day and then… nothing. He just disappeared.

What happened next?

Goddess_Cherish Dime was confused. She wasn’t a part of the kink scene yet and she couldn’t understand what she had done wrong. After doing some research she learned about a certain group of Submissives that like to find a beautiful woman, pique their interest, send them money, and then disappear. Swoon! I love drops like that! I haven’t had one as large as $1,000 but they are delectable! This experience piqued Goddess_Cherish Dime’s interest in the kink and BDSM world. She began reading and watching videos of other Dommes and found the Dominant Goddess that was within her all along.

Yes, the financial aspect is a big plus of FinDom and FemDom, but it’s not all she loves about it. She has learned that the true power women have over men comes from a place of respect. True Submissive men know how to respect women and respect their authority. Goddess_Cherish Dime learned how to use her confidence, assertiveness, and comfort in a Dominant role to become a fierce Goddess! She never forgets to include aftercare, for herself as well as her Submissive, when finishing a session. She’s a big believer in having a chat together and reviewing how the session went. This benefits the Domme AND the Submissive. When both feel heard they can grow together and they can both feel safe. Sometimes aftercare doesn’t involve a first aid kit at all. Sometimes it just needs to be a chat to make sure everyone is left feeling great.

“Not all money is good money”

Goddess_Cherish Dime is a FinDom
Beauty and intelligence!

One fact about Goddess_Cherish Dime that made my jaw drop was that she’s a beautiful mother of seven children! I was gobsmacked! I genuinely grabbed my laptop and showed it to my partner to see his reaction. This busy mother of seven has a vanilla career, is currently getting involved in property, AND makes time for her subs without looking exhausted. I don’t know how she does it! I look exhausted after one late night and the dog waking me up early! Along with her beauty Goddess_Cherish Dime is an intelligent woman who knows how to look after herself. One piece of advice she mentioned was to always do your research.

We’ve discussed this at FFFBuzz before in terms of safe play, but she’s extending it further. Don’t just jump at the chance of a session because a client has offered you money. Do your research first. “Not all money is good money”. You need to ensure your safety at all times. Get to know the Submissive beforehand. Always meet in a public space first, coffee shop, town square, wherever. If you can, bring at least one person with you, (if not let someone know where you’re meeting and who you’re meeting) especially on the initial meet. Last but certainly not least, ALWAYS make sure you get a large deposit first! Overall, Goddess_Cherish Dime is an amazing woman and I really enjoyed getting to know her better.

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