Goddess Asian Rapunzel is in your mind, and she’s playing with it!

I find that sometimes subtlety can be louder than any megaphone you can imagine. That is what I like about Goddess Asian Rapunzel. There are so many styles of FemDomme, FinDomme and subbing that each person in the kink scene is, by default, unique.

Often in the movies when we hear of a dominant woman or a Domme we get a stereotype. There is no variation. This is always really disappointing as it doesn’t reflect the reality at all. Because of this, I wanted to take a closer look and get to know Goddess Asian Rapunzel a bit better.

FemDomme/FinDomme or playing with your mind?

While searching through Tumblr, Goddess Asian Repunzel came across an account with cute butt plugs and tails. This account had a lot of BDSM related posts and stories. It was here that she first started exploring the fascinating world of kink. While learning about the kink scene she was made aware of FinDomme but had not put too much thought into it other than it was an interesting concept.

When her friend found a “paypig” through an acquaintance, she asked Goddess Asian Rapunzel for advice on how to respond to messages. While finding this entertaining she decided she would get involved in the lifestyle herself. While not identifying as a FemDomme, she does partake in games with her subs.

The reason she does not call herself a FemDomme is that she does not make content for subs or do sessions as such. She does however play games with her subs and likes to toy with them, but it is all on her terms and only to amuse her. And that’s what she is all about.

She loves the power exchange and demands respect and loyalty when serving. If you are not willing to serve correctly then (while money is her kink), she does not want your money!

She wants to control you!

I wanted to know did Goddess Asian Rapunzel have any goals or aspirations with FinDomme. What is something she would love to have or own coming from this – and her answer was brilliant.

Her goal is to HAVE control over a subs finances completely and OWN their freedom of spending. This of course comes into fruition when you have built up a LOT of mutual trust with someone. It also is something that she admits would take up a lot of time and commitment, as well as being a big responsibility. And she is completely right.

You would have to do up a budget according to what they earn against rent, bills, food shopping, savings, and any other important expenditures. It is not as easy as just saying “I’m going to take all your wages now the minute your pay packet comes into your account”.

You have to be responsible and make sure your sub has a good standard of life, otherwise it ends up being something you don’t enjoy any longer. And I am talking about Dommes and Subs here. No Domme really wants to see their sub in ruins, even if that’s the persona they play. It is all about exchange of power and control and getting your kicks while living a happy life.

To follow Goddess Asian Rapunzel find her on Twitter: @AsianRapunzel

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

One response to “Goddess Asian Rapunzel is in your mind, and she’s playing with it!”

  1. Submissive Sarah says:

    Wow she sounds amazing! I wonder what kind of games she likes to play? I might just have to tribute and find out!

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