She’s Your Alpha and Omega, Your Indian and Persian Ruler; She’s Mistress Destroyer

Mistress Destroyer

This absolute powerhouse of a woman is equally intimidating as she is breathtaking! Initially, I was struck by her beauty when I saw her profile. Then I spoke to her and watched her video describing why she’s the Mistress most Subs dream of. Now I totally get it! Clearly a very successful woman, Mistress Destroyer oozes confidence and knows how to back it up. She does nothing in halves. If you’re going to submit to her, then you better have your manners in check because she will control you completely. She does not accept rudeness of any sort. Behave well and then you may get a chance to serve the Alpha and Omega that is Mistress Destroyer.

She’s a natural

Stunningly beautiful, Mistress Destroyer was naturally a “top”

While in her early twenties, Mistress Destroyer found herself predominantly dating women. Unaware she was exploring her dominant side, she tended to fall into the roll as a “top” in the relationship. It was through the small LGBTQ+ community in Auckland that she was introduced to the “heavier side” of kink and BDSM. She was hooked immediately. Then when she found herself dating men, she discovered they were just as excited to give up their power sexually as the women were. From this, Mistress Destroyer was created.

Using her cultures to her benefit

Cultural understanding can be vital in creating a good bond between Domme and Sub

Mistress Destroyer enjoys many different elements of kink and BDSM. Her biggest love is humiliation and especially public humiliation (with consent of course). She loves latex, leather and bringing just the right amount of pain to her Submissives. She enjoys many types of kinks but what makes her specifically appealing is her knowledge of cultures. Yes, she’s from New Zealand, but she’s of Indian and Persian heritage.

There’s a reason this is especially appealing. She understands the cultures. For Submissives with Middle Eastern or South Asian roots, sometimes it can be hard to find Dommes that understand their cultural intricacies. This can cause misunderstandings, or a Domme demanding something of their Sub that’s culturally disrespectful. She understands how to play with the taboo areas of the cultures without offending anyone. Mistress Destroyer also speaks some of the languages of the regions which is a great bonus.

Using her worldly experience

Mistress Destroyer embodies confidence and dominance

Mistress Destroyer is a prime example of how life experience can be an amazing asset. She’s made the most of every opportunity presented to her. This shows in her aura; it’s not something that can be faked. No matter what your age, (as you can see, she’s still young) if you’ve gained life experience from traveling, mixing with other cultures, and taking the time to understand them, this will show. Mistress Destroyer has this advantage of being worldly because of her life experience, and it means that she’s a great judge of character.

When she’s dominating, she can make those little adjustments, based on body language and tone, that her Sub needs for both of them to enjoy a session. While she can be a cruel Mistress, she’s totally aware of her responsibilities and the fact that a Sub is entrusting their most vulnerable self in her care. She takes this very seriously and always makes sure to do the best job she can every time. This can be emotionally draining, so she’s learned about the importance of self-care. Which, as any of our regular readers know, is incredibly important. Dommes can drop too and we need to protect ourselves from getting emotionally drained.

The total package

I’m captivated by Mistress Destroyer. Her seductive voice, mesmerising good looks, and beautifully complex and intelligent mind make her the total package. I’m looking forward to following her and seeing what she does next!

You’ll want to follow Mistress Destroyer too. Find her at: @Sausagedstroyer

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  1. I love seeing MtF Trans Domme representation <3

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