SHOCK: SouljaBoy’s girlfriend, Tiona Fernan, uses stolen photos on OnlyFans.. and makes $21,000!

Society has become very used to people stealing the content of sex and fetish workers to create profit for themselves, wrongly. What is worst is when people with over 1 million followers onto Instagram find it hard to see that her own reputation is enough when it comes to making money.

Instagram follower count means ‘money’

Tiona Fernan, girlfriend of r&b star SouljaBoy, famous for the 2007 viral dance song ‘Crank That’ has come under fire posting a video saying she is going to create an OnlyFans account for one week to see how much money she’s going to make. She openly admitted that she was not going to post nudes on the account but had heard foot photos could make money online.

Plenty of her large number Instagram followers signed up and she posted that after one week she had made over $21,000. What she failed to admit to was that some of the photos she was posting were not of herself… and those photos were nudes.

A few ladies stepped forward to say that their content had been stolen by her, including a lady named “Lola”. She posted the following tweet on Twitter:

Lola tweeting about her content being stolen

Tiona replied to her privately in the following DM:

Tiona’s direct message to Lola

She then replied via email her response:

Tiona’s email response to Lola

Should profit be made from someone else’s work?

Lola may have put her content online for free, but that does not give others permission to use it, especially to make money. Tiona is the girlfriend of a musician, who we are sure takes plagiarism very seriously, so we would think that she understands you cannot profit from somebody else’s material, and most certainly not credit them. If Lola’s images are also copyrighted then this makes this illegal as well as disingenuous.

Watermark, watermark, watermark

Many women online don’t watermark their images and we cannot express how important it is to always do this to your content. You can do this by simply writing your name over the image, or adding your website address onto it. There are plenty of image editing apps you can download from your phones app store to do this such as Pixlr or Phonto.

Doing this adds a copyright to your image that can be upheld in a court if you so which to take legal action against someone using your images in a way you have no agreed to.

Do you copyright your images or should you be doing it more often? Have you been a victim of image theft? We would love to hear about your experiences

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

4 responses to “SHOCK: SouljaBoy’s girlfriend, Tiona Fernan, uses stolen photos on OnlyFans.. and makes $21,000!”

  1. Submissive Sarah says:

    This is awful! On a purely female to female perspective you should never profit off another woman’s body like that. The time and effort and money that goes into creating content is not worth a cent if someone steals it and makes a large profit.

  2. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    I ALWAYS watermark my content, photos, videos, whatever. And I make sure to put it (subtly) across the middle of the content so it can’t be cropped out. What she did is totally wrong and I’m convinced she knew better. I don’t buy her apology that just cause it was up there she thought it was ok to profit off someone else’s body.

  3. Kinky Katy says:

    This is disgusting, Id be so mad if this happened to me

  4. Cornelia Holland says:

    Noway, this isn’t on so I hope she gets justice from this

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