Sometimes Being Your Own Boss Means Knowing What You Want. Tanya Takes Knows Exactly How to Get It

Tanya Takes

Speaking as a sex worker, is there anything more annoying than being told “Oh, sex work? Content creation? But… like… that’s so easy! Anyone can do that!”? If there is, please let me know! Anyone who creates content knows it takes a lot of time and effort if you value quality. Not only do you have to be create the scene, but there’s preparing for the scene (all your bits of grooming and cleaning your space), then you have to make sure the lighting is correct, sound is good and the camera angle(s) are correct. And that’s all before you even hit record! Then once you’ve finished shooting you have editing (which can be mind-numbing) and watermarking before uploading. For a lot of us who do this ourselves, you’re basically a whole film crew. Then you’ve got to market yourself and your content. There’s so much work that goes into it. Tanya Takes is one hard working woman who knows how to put content together and make it work for her!

From camming to content creation

Tanya Takes is a force of nature.
She enjoyed camming but content creation is where her passion lies

While with an ex, Tanya Takes began exploring fetishes. They both enjoyed it and after a while decided to go online to different camming sites to give private shows. During this fun, some of their customers began to buy Tanya gifts without prompting. It was from here that Tanya began to realise that she could utilise FinDom in order to get exactly what she wanted (money) when she wanted it (as often as possible!). After doing her research and making some adjustments in her life she decided to go it alone and stopped camming. Instead she focused on Fetish content creation, which is what she’s known for now and really loves!

Being your own boss has its perks

Tanya Takes with take your heart.
Stunning and hypnotising

Being your own boss, while it can be hard work, has lots of perks. You don’t have to answer to anyone, you make your own hours, and you get to choose your own direction. This is just one of the things Tanya Takes loves about her role in the kink and FemDom world. Now, that’s not to say she doesn’t love the power she has as a Domme.

Tanya Takes enjoys using her power to really get inside a sub’s head and bring to the surface who they really are. Often, when we allow ourselves to go “full Sub” or “full Domme” in a session we get to enjoy a part of ourselves the rest of the world doesn’t see. Quite often it’s a part of the person’s personality that they try to hide because they’re conscious about how society might judge them. It all goes back to my theory from the article a few weeks back about a lot of “highflying, powerhouse people with powerful jobs” love being subs. A lot of them feel they could never show the world their submissive side for fear of not being accepted.

This amazingly cruel yet rewarding Domme has embraced her true personality. Tanya Takes is creative in her content and works hard to make it look professional! She caters to many different fetishes, but specializes in mindfucking, smoking, chastity, consensual blackmail and tracking, chastity, and coerced Bi fantasies. There’s a lot there for you to salivate at while you wish to be at her feet. Her content is HOT and I can see exactly why people subscribe and buy her content!

If you want to follow Tanya Takes go to: @DarkNylonWeb

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2 responses to “Sometimes Being Your Own Boss Means Knowing What You Want. Tanya Takes Knows Exactly How to Get It”

  1. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    There’s so much to content creation that people just don’t appreciate. It takes hours and hours of work.

  2. Sam the Sub says:

    I love watching her content!! It’s amazing!

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