Taboo Kinks – How Home Wrecking Can Be Fun, Safe, and Consensual

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Some kinks can be seen as taboo. We’ve talked about risqué kinks before such as race and religious play. Taboo kinks are something that people on the outside looking in can misconstrue. We’ve seen in the interview Miss Foxx held with many amazing other Dommes, that these kinks, while taboo can be really fulfilling and enjoyable for some. For others they can be a hard limit. Home Wrecking is one of those kinks that can fall into the category of taboo kinks, but it’s actually quite a popular kink. I want to talk about the way in which the Home Wrecking fantasy can be played with safely and consensually and therefore it shouldn’t be kink shamed.

It’s all about the fantasy

We’ve all seen this cliché in the movies where the Mistress purposefully leaves lipstick on the guys shirt collar

A lot of D/S relationships are formed online. When promoting ourselves and posting online we can often play into the fantasy. Our posts can also help play into the fantasy the Submissives are looking for. Some Submissives like the idea of being ‘exposed’ and put out there on show. The Home Wrecking fantasy can play in to the exposure fantasy. The idea of the Submissives ‘dirty little secret’ being exposed to their family and friends is thrilling. The key word to focus on in this scenario is ‘fantasy’.

When Dom(me)s and Submissives play with different fantasies, they are just that! A fantasy. Neither the Dom(me) or the Submissive really want the Submissives life to be ruined. The Submissives don’t really want their relationships and families to be broken up. They want an exhilarating thrill and escapism. The Dom(me)s enjoy the sadism and the fantasy as well. There are always limits set and a plan of action made before the session begins. This is how they can play consensually.

The scenario where the Dom(me) tells the Submissive that they’re going to tell the Subs partner/boss/etc. about their kinks is thrilling. But it’s not real. There’s also a popular style where the Dom(me) teases the Submissive. They tell the Sub that they’re going to seduce the Sub’s partner. They go on to say that they’ll encourage them to leave the Sub. This crosses over with the Cuckolding fetish. The Submissive gets to imagine the Home Wrecking experience in a safe Cuckolding scenario.

Sometimes ‘Home Wrecking’ won’t actually ‘wreck’ anything

Sometimes their partner is in on the fun!

Some Submissives like to play with the Home Wrecking scenario when there is actually nothing to hide! I have heard of Dommes getting requests to play with the Home Wrecking roleplay where the Submissives partner knew that they serve a Domme. It sound unusual, I know, but some Submissives have partners that are aware they serve others. For whatever reason, being the Dom(me) is just not for them, so they are happy for their partner to serve someone else to satisfy that side of themselves. I know because I’m friendly with one of my Subs wife!

When dealing with kinks we have to look at the big picture. What happens in a session between a Dom(me) and their Submissive can be very different than what is portrayed on their platforms. We, the onlooker do not see all the planning and discussions that happen before a session. It’s very important not to kink shame because we often do not know the full context. Basically, once consent isn’t being broken, and that the kink is being shared between consenting adults, then enjoy the kinks that excite you!

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4 responses to “Taboo Kinks – How Home Wrecking Can Be Fun, Safe, and Consensual”

  1. Leesha Lacey says:

    Exactly! It’s all fantasy! 90% of taboo kink play is fantasy. And yes, soooo many men that engage with SWers have partners at home that either aren’t into kink or they’re too shy to open up about their kink with. Home Wrecking is just another one.

  2. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    Home Wrecking Fantasy is one of my favourite fantasies to play with but I don’t like posting about it on Twitter publicly cause I’ve gotten a lot of horrible comments about it before in the past.

  3. Submissive Sam says:

    I play with my Mistress and love playing a Home Wrecking fantasy. My wife knows all about me talking to my Mistress. They’re friends! So it’s all a fantasy cause my Mistress even uses some of the money to bring my wife out for lunch/drinks.

  4. I love this article and you’re so right. A lot of homewrecking is completely fantasy and not real at all, much like blackmail.

    I’ve always also said it’s just really hypocritical for people, especially the Women in kink, to say homewrecking is wrong. I mean, we all f*ck the husbands without the wives consent…

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