Taboo Kinks: The Dark Seduction of Female Cannibalism aka Femcan


There’s an unspoken fetish in the BDSM community that’s equal parts sadistic, bestial and alluring. This dark kink’s called female cannablism – “Femcan” for short – and it’s more popular than people think.

Many of the forums Femcan’s featured on, only exist in the shadier parts of the Internet. These sites appear then disappear in the blink of an eye. This coupled with the taboo surrounding Femcan, makes it hard to become informed or accustomed to it. Unfortunately, this is by design. A recent wave of censorship has cleaned up the adult entertainment industry.

Too taboo even for taboo

Fetish porn provides a healthy and tame outlet to release your primal impulses. Unfortunately, some kinks have been shoved aside. There was a time when every fetish was discussed in online communities like Fetlife, now these same kinks are swept under the rug. This denial opened the door for ignorance and misinformation which benefited abusers. This also led to a series of isolated misfortunes and poor behavior that gave cannibalism as a fetish, a bad reputation. But the lack of visibility resulting in a lack of sane communities, is at fault for these abuses. To combat this, knowledge is necessary. Educating people about Femcan is the best way to ensure the safety of those taking part in it, and those yearning to explore it. 

Femcan and Femdom overlap

The Femcan fetish overlaps with the Femdom one, but also with the predator/prey dynamic and sometimes with some sadomasochistic practices. It relies a lot on role-play and includes any kind of situations that include a woman tasting a human prey. That prey is often called a piggie to refer to the designation of human meat as longpig. Most Femcan enthusiasts write elaborate stories about scenes they fantasize on, whether it is realistic or not, create visual art depicting their kink, and take part in roleplay with online partners whom they do not plan to actually meet.

Understanding and enjoying Femcan

Femcan thrives on role-play and the fear of cannibalism. It can also be added to BDSM sessions involving bondage, corporal discipline, biting, knife play and others. The only limits are the boundaries built by safety and set by the people participating.

Raw and wriggling...
Man Meat

What’s arousing about cannibalism?

Femcans and piggies find a variety of enticing aspects in this fetish. Some of these are:

  • The idea of helplessness.
  • The suspense of the hunt.
  • A staunch devotion making someone want to offer their body for consumption.
  • The fear inherent to this consensual predatory dynamic.
  • The imagery of cannibalism.
  • Empowering women.
  • An almost religious idea of a piggie sacrificing everything to the lady he adores until he dissolves into nothing for her.

Disturbing actions? Or playful imaginations

You’ve probably noticed that Femcan is based more on psychological games (mindfucks) than on realism. As with any kink, it’s not a fetish that appeals to everyone. But with the popularity of shows like Hannibal and Santa Clarita Diet (both featuring cannibalism as a theme) maybe the attraction for cannibalism is not as foreign to the human psyche as most believe.

By Mistress Nya

Twitter: @EldritchNya

Is Femcan too exotic for your tastes? Or is there something seductive about this sinister kink? Let us know in the comments!

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

3 responses to “Taboo Kinks: The Dark Seduction of Female Cannibalism aka Femcan”

  1. In my case my femcan fantasy is rooted in a past which included a borderline mother who made me an extension of her personality and violently suppressed any attempt to have my own seperate identity. She thus emotionally consumed me and the sense of being consumed by females became an important theme in nightmares and from puberty onwards became sexualised. Indulging in these fantasies as an adult within safe boundaries is oddly therapeutic as it brings back a sense of control as opposed to the helplessness I felt as a child.

  2. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    Interesting!!! I’ve never even thought about this fetish and now I’m really intrigued. How do you stop it from wondering over to dangerous levels though?

    • James Coker says:

      Good question. Its a turn on the thought of a sexy woman eating me but I would never put myself in that situation

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