The Boss Ass Delilah has arrived! If you’re looking for a sadistic powerhouse, look no further!

Does the idea of a sadistic and powerful woman make you weak at the knees? Well here at we love to see women realise and achieve their full power be it from the “top” or the “bottom”. Bossy Ass Delilah is one of the most sadistic dommes I’ve come across online. Intense, beautiful and with a genuine love for what she does she’s definitely one to watch in the BDSM scene.

I’m intrigued!

Currently based in Atlanta Georgia in the US, Bossy Ass Delilah hails from New York with Puerto Rican and Persian roots. This makes her a wonderfully diverse Latino woman, and as the common stereotype goes, this makes her truly passionate about what she does and adds to her fiery nature. Two perfect personality traits you want in your domme. No one wants a domme who’s not that interested in what they’re doing. Bossy Ass Delilah definitely gives 100% and engages with every aspect.

Tell me more!

With over 23 ears experience in training men, Bossy Ass Delilah is not only knowledgeable, but she has her skills figured out to really make men crumble and bow down to her. She offers an extensive menu of BDSM sessions. It seems the most popular (and possibly her favourite) type of session is smothering and facesitting and we’re not surprised! Anyone would be privileged to have her bounce up and down on top of their face and squish them into submission.

Want to learn from her?

Another exciting thing to know about Bossy Ass Delilah is that soon she’ll be offering classes to dommes that want to learn more about their art. She’ll be doing this through her website and will be offering everything from how to create and market your “brand”, how to start your pro-domme business and more. This is exciting as a woman with this much experience has a lot to offer any new dommes out there or dommes that simply want to learn how to perfect their art. I, personally, cannot wait until these lessons are available as I believe that the BDSM world is constantly evolving and growing and it’s so important to keep learning.

If you want to see more of Bossy Ass Delilah then definitely pay a visit to her Twitter account @BossyAssDelilah. She has a very detailed website ( introducing herself, displaying her menu and providing her rules and list of etiquette she expects from clients.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

2 responses to “The Boss Ass Delilah has arrived! If you’re looking for a sadistic powerhouse, look no further!”

  1. New&Nervous! says:

    I can’t wait for these classes to start!! She REALLY seems to know what she’s doing! I could learn lots from her!!

  2. xHardcoreQueenx says:

    Damn! She exudes POWER! Sign me right tf up for those classes!

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