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Looks can be deceiving. We all know of the saying “Never judge a book by its cover”. Well with Goddess Mia (aka The Boss) a truer statement was never said. One scroll through the photos on her time line and you’d think she was a sweet innocent lady that wouldn’t say boo to a ghost. Well you’d be wrong. Goddess Mia may look sweet but she loves dishing out punishment and making her Submissives fall to their knees.

Kink is so much more than just dishing out punishment

Her soft and innocent features hide the Dominant inside her

Goddess Mia has always been a sexually explorative and kinky person. She naturally lent towards the more Dominant side as she’s always liked taking the lead and being in charge. She really enjoys adding some fun to her kink as well because, kink should be fun. Even in a ‘serious’ session it has to be enjoyable for both parties for it to really work. We’ve previously met Miss Pond, she’s a Domme who loves to play with some intense kinks but enjoys a great giggle throughout.

It’s not all about being worshipped and spoiled by her Subs. Although, that’s a big part, let’s be fair! Goddess Mia really enjoys the relationships she’s built through FemDom/FinDom. When building these relationships with her Subs, each one is totally unique. She enjoys exploring each individual Subs interests and kinks and getting to know them. Goddess Mia is also really grateful for the friendships she’s built with other Dommes and people in the kink scene. While her success grows she enjoys seeing the success of her peers too.

Goddess Mia is continuously learning about kink and how to care for herself

Education and self-care are so important in the kink world

Like so many other sides to this ever changing world, FinDom and FemDom are ever changing and expanding. It’s impossible to know everything. Goddess Mia knows this and strives to always keep learning and keeping up with new trends. She’s found the key to this through being herself. This is such an important lesson we’ve heard time and time again. If your kink persona isn’t an extension of yourself then it will be very hard to succeed. If you market yourself as someone completely different, that has no connection to your own personality, it can be fun to play with but will ultimately become exhausting and unsustainable.

One great piece of advice Goddess Mia gives to anyone starting out is to relax more with FemDom/FinDom. Yes, of course, you want to market your brand and succeed in the industry. But at what price? Our article last Friday was on Mental Health and this is so key when playing with kinks, especially those of the darker variety. It’s very easy to burnout and I’ve see it happen. Take your Mental Health days. You don’t have to wait until you can’t get out of bed to take these either. A day away from social media can be great for the head. You can schedule content for days you want to take off. Communicate with any loyal Subs that you want to take a day and they’ll understand. They want what’s best for you and for you to be enjoying the sessions too. Not forcing them.

Goddess Mia has a great outlook on the kink community and I can’t wait to continue following her journey.

To follow Goddess Mia (aka The Boss) got to: @MissMiaSeoul

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