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I love a Domme with a fiery personality (pun intended!), and Mistress Flamme fits this role perfectly! Though her Southern voice and demeanour are dripping with hospitality, her heart and mind are full of greed and female supremacy. I came across her profile on my timeline and I was not disappointed. I particularly enjoyed her call-out to men who are actually Subs but title themselves as ‘Cash Masters’. Here’s what she said:

“All you, weak ass, cheap subs that are saying you’re “Cash Masters” cause you wanna step into other Dommes DMs without paying and what not… CUT THAT SH*T OUT! We don’t like it!”

Mistress Flamme

Hearing that, all I can think is ‘Yes! Someone said it!’. I’m all for male Doms and, even though I hate the term, ‘Cash Masters’ being a part of the kink and fetish world. And yes, there are Switches too. But she is solely calling out the timewasters and I’m loving it!

With healing comes power

She may look sweet but she is anything but innocent

Mistress Flamme found the kink world when she was 19 by attending sex therapy. I think this is great because kink and BDSM can be really good for healing and finding out more about yourself. Allowing yourself to be that vulnerable (whether you’re the Domme or Sub in a session) can really bring to the surface parts of yourself you were unaware of. Mistress Flamme said that it helped her to always find a place for communication and consent within her sexual life. These are such important parts of sex and life in general. It’s great that she’s been reassured of her validation for looking for them.

This guidance really seems to have set in with her. I say this because her favourite part of being a Domme is the absolute control she has – WHILE knowing it all came from complete consent. She’s right! Domination and that kind of power is sexy, no doubt about it. But when you know your Submissive has given you full consent and are also enjoying it, that’s so unbelievably hot! So, yes Mistress Flamme, I understand why that’s your favourite part!

While she has been a Domme, Mistress Flamme has learned the true value and power of women. It’s important to never undervalue yourself. Set your own personal standards and values, and stick with them! “Too high is never high enough”. Men crave and need the approval and the mere existence of women, so make sure to keep your standards high and your head even higher!

If you want to follow Mistress Flamme got to Twitter: @Mistress_Flamme

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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