This Angelic Face Hides a Deliciously Devilish Mind. Meet Goddess Angelic

Soft and delicate features can be misleading. When you see a face with a gentle smile and warm brown eyes, it’s easy to think they must be an angel. Sometimes this is true. But sometimes, behind that beautifully angelic face, is a sexy sadist. Think about that the next time you walk down the street. Is that girl you noticed in the bakery really innocent and wholesome? Or is she wild in private and devilishly delightful? No one exemplifies this dichotomy more than Goddess Angelic. Her beautiful soft face and brown eyes give a sweet and innocent vibe, but she’ll stomp you in a heartbeat and enjoy it. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Goddess Angelic.

BDSM and healing

Goddess Angelic is here to make your life hell... in the best ways.
Such angelic features, such dominant personality

There is nothing more impressive than someone who takes a traumatic experience and makes it their bitch! Unfortunately, Goddess Angelic’s first introduction to BDSM was when she was sexually assaulted. Following this, she found herself in an unusual position. Later in life, BDSM was all she was attracted to. Finding FemDom online and through local kinksters, it really helped her deal with her previous negative experience. Taking on the role of FemDom helped her take ownership of what had happened to her and put the control back in her hands. Many people I’ve spoken to while writing these articles have described the kink world as a form of therapy. Goddess Angelic is a great example of this. A woman who used kink to heal her wounds and help her depression while fighting her fear.

Balance is key

The face of an angel can betray a wicked mind.
Soft and feminine doesn’t mean innocent

A staunch advocate of female supremacy, Goddess Angelic still acknowledges that women are constantly oppressed. This heavily influences her style of Domming. She puts her male subs in their place and let’s them know that women are the true leaders. She loves ballbusting, cock and ball torture, and blood play – but she finds a balance. Often during sessions she’ll find herself giggling, which can relax the sub. It’s enjoyable for both parties and, while intense, doesn’t have to be serious. Goddess Angelic also enjoys building relationships with her subs outside of the session. From this perspective you can see that she has the perfect balance of hardcore and nurturing.

So yeah, sometimes things aren’t as they seem. But isn’t that half the fun? Goddess Angelic will ease you in with her soft and, well, angelic appearance, but you’ll stay for her devilish domination.

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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