The royal Kourt is in session. Bow down for your king, King Kourt

There is nothing sexier than a woman with a sense of humour. You will never change my mind on that! So, while I was scrolling through Twitter and see the username “VP of the BigTittyCommitee”, I was sold! I wasn’t aware that the Big Titty Committee had organised; when did this happen? How do I get my membership card? But back to the King, this absolute stunner of a woman drew me in with her humour but hooked me with her brains and beauty. This King rules her Kourt with an iron fist and everyone wants to be a part of her kingdom.

King Kourt will rule your mind and body

You never know what you’ll learn from a dating site

King Kourt hadn’t been aware of the depth of the kink scene until she met a guy on a dating site. While talking together he asked to be owned. She didn’t fully understand what he meant by this, but after a little research she decided to give it a try. While they didn’t work out as a couple, they became friends and she still owns him to this day. She continued learning and perfecting her style and now does real-time sessions too! She told me that the feeling of empowerment during that session was amazing and gave her a high of endorphins.

As all Kings do, King Kourt loves having control over her kingdom. She believes in female superiority and really enjoys how dominating men makes her feel. And that’s exactly what you want in your Domme. You want them to enjoy it! It’s only really fun when it’s a two-way street. A truly great session, in my opinion, is when both parties are equally excited about how it’s going and what will happen next. She especially enjoys CBT (Cock & Ball Torture), foot/shoe worship and public humiliation.

Beauty and innocent eyes but this King rules with an iron fist

A royal scandal!

I was intrigued when hearing that she does a decent amount of public humiliation sessions. It’s a kink I was always interested in but too nervous to do myself. So, I had to know, what was the wildest public humiliation story – and I was entertained! After running around to do a quick check to make sure there were no kids, she tied her sub (who was fully clothed and wearing his puppy mask) to a pole like a dog outside a Chipotle. WILD! I can practically hear the maniacal laugh she must’ve had while people looked on in confusion.

King Kourt does care for her loyal subjects and puppies. Despite her “heavy mean streak”, she also has a very nurturing and laid-back style with her subs. But this King uses her brain and calculates her every move. She plays her subs like pawns for her own amusement. Giving them little tasks that add up… and then pulling her killer move to really get inside their minds and make them hers.

I really admire King Kourt. She is driven! One of her goals is to be able to travel the world through FemDom. And do you know what? I can see it happening. This divine beauty walking a man on a leash along a beach on some exotic island. Of course, all expenses (flights, accommodation, and spending money) would be covered by the sub. (I think I have a new FemDom goal!) It was a pleasure talking to this King who definitely knows how to rule her Kingdom! Long Live the King!

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  1. EllenDegenerate says:

    Wow!!! The public humiliation sessions sound sooo hot!! I’m too chicken to try them out yet though. Too afraid of meeting someone I know.

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