The Sweetest Treat in the Bakery. The Delicious Confection that is Caramel Goddess

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What brings a desert to the next level and makes it sweeter and more luxurious? Caramel. It’s delicious and mouth-watering. Well that’s a great description for Caramel Goddess. One look at her and your mouth will be watering. With delectable curves and swerves it’s hard to keep your eyes off her. This is one Goddess that will be a guilty pleasure that you will indulge in again and again. I know I’m ready for a sugar rush.

The Sweetest Caramel There Is

Curiosity led her to exploring her kinky side

While growing up, Caramel Goddess let her curiosity grow. She had heard of the kink fetish scene but didn’t know much about it. In her spare time, she decided to start exploring the scene further. She found that as she began exploring further, she uncovered her inner Sex Goddess. She began to use this to her advantage and created her Twitter profile. Through her FinDom journey she has enjoyed the surprises that come with it. Surprise tributes and new friendships have brought some exciting times for Caramel Goddess. She also enjoys the online FinDom community because not matter what time of day or night you log in, there’s someone to talk to. You could be having a rubbish day and need a chance to rant or you could need a pick me up. It doesn’t matter how you’re feeling, there’ll always be someone to chat to.

Caramel Goddess is a Switch that leans more towards the Submissive side. Switches can go between being either a Dominant or Submissive. We’ve met Switches here before at Here’s an article on an amazing Switch in the Sex Work community. For her it depends on the person she’s talking to. She can alter her stance to fit the scene. Even when playing in the Submissive role she acknowledges that she holds a power. It’s the exchange of money that holds a power. Caramel Goddess has a love for both the money and the power it brings. Overall, Caramel Goddess is a delicious treat I know anyone will enjoy having a taste.

To follow Goddess Caramel go to: @goddessoftheMW

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