There’s a Whole Lot of Games to Play With Miss KT

This is one woman who knows how to have fun with FemDom. And isn’t that what kink is all about? Of course it is! Kink and BDSM are meant to be thrilling, exhilarating and fun! Miss KT doesn’t do FinDom and FemDom as a profession, she does it for the love of it. She really enjoys the control she has when toying with her Subs, and I’ll be honest with you… it’s fun to watch! This beauty knows how to make a game fun! I love scrolling through my timeline and coming across amazing women of kink that are really enjoying themselves! It’s such a pleasure to watch when she plays FinDom games with her Subs and I see that figure go up and up!

Owning her beauty and using it to make bank

Miss KT is here
What a stunning figure! No wonder men pay just to get her attention!

When she was 19, Miss KT was dating an older man who introduced her to mild bondage and kink play. In this relationship, she was the Submissive to him. After that relationship ended, she didn’t explore kink very often for a while. She found that relationship to be very controlling and decided to take back ownership of her body. Miss KT did this by becoming a stripper. She decided that if her body was going to be “used” then she would be the one using it for her own financial gain. I completely understand this mindset. There will always be men looking to objectify women and their bodies. So why not make some coin while they leer and goon?!

She moved on to a career in the army where she had no problem taking on every authoritative male, no matter their ranking. One male in particular was above her ranking and she loved watching him beg for her on a regular basis. How delicious! Nothing more delectable than having a man in uniform beg for you! I can only imagine the thrill Miss KT felt watching him beg! A few years ago, she started doing some fetish work through Twitter. After taking a break she started making content for subscription sites (solo play and explicit nudes), but Twitter seemed to present a lot of Submissive men to her. With her newfound confidence and ownership of her body this just made sense!

They crave her attention and send for the pleasure

Miss Kt is a delicious goddess
Legs for days! Legs to send for!

Miss KT loves the fact that she can control men and make them pay just to talk to her! If they want her attention and to get their kinks catered to then they have to send. If she’s not happy then they get blocked/muted. That makes them crave it even more! They crave her attention! It’s devilishly evil but I love it! But through her year of being a Domme she’s learnt about how to respect boundaries, check in with her Submissives and always make it fun.

While Miss KT has a lot of rules, she still cares about her Submissives, even when humiliating them and reading them for filth! If you look through her timeline, you’ll see she wants her Submissives to succeed. Especially when it comes to their FinDom games! She wants them to win, as she watches her bank balance rise! I look forward to watching more games and joining in! There’s only one thing I enjoy as much as watching another girls RT games grow and build and become a big debt, and that’s watching MY games pay off! Hahaha. Follow Miss KT and you’ll be sure to see fun FinDom and FemDom!

To follow Miss KT go to: @xxx_Katie_xxx

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