There’s no luck required for this Irish Cailin – Miss Demi Dee Dominates Your Wallet

Irish women are well known for having luck and the gift of the gab, but Miss Demi Dee doesn’t exactly rely on luck to seduce you into serving. With confidence oozing from within, and a knowledge of exactly what she wants, Miss Demi Dee is definitely one to look out for.

I love following and getting to know my fellow Irish girls and Miss Demi Dee is a wonderfully interesting lady – and so, I wanted to take the time to learn more about her.

Want to impress? There’s a shopping list of ways

Miss Demi Dee realised very early on that she had a certain power and air of dominance in all walks of life. Whether it’s in her personal life, her career or her relationships, she loves to be the boss and have the last word – and she makes this happen!

Her power, especially over men, is apparent and her way with words makes it clear to me how she’s so successful at what she does. Her drive and excitement come from money. That money is made even better when handed over by a man who wants to please her.

Previous partners would try and impress her by buying her everything she wanted, from lavish gifts to nights out, and she’d manipulate them into wanting to spend even more! They’d do anything to please her and she’d laugh at their attempts if they weren’t to her standards. It’s all about their financial sacrifice.

That’s what really gets Miss Demi Dee going. Seeing a sub really working hard to put her needs first is what she thrives on. As a sub takes their journey of exploration and devotion with Miss Demi Dee, they fall deeper and learn to sacrifice in a way that really pleases her.

Follow her journey and begin yours

Once realising her passion for draining weak men, (Yes, I know, being a sub doesn’t make you weak, but these subs are weak for her!) she set up her FinDomme Twitter account in January 2019. Since then she has thrived when it comes to having subs want to please her.

Through her captivating fitness journey, we get to see her progress and follow her very alluring workout outfits. This not only shows her personal side, which in itself is enticing, but is a great excuse for some juicy content! (Especially some of the pics of her ass in those leggings… My Gosh!)

Her nurturing nature, coupled with a stern side, means that she’s the kind of Domme who will listen when you need – but also keep you in check and make sure you’re serving as you should to please her!

To follow Miss Demi Dee go to Twitter: @MissDemiDee

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