This isn’t just any Domme, Goddess Lucy is a Domme that will captivate and take over your mind

Look like an angel, plays like the devil, Goddess Lucy will control you

I’ve known Goddess Lucy since I joined NSFW Twitter. I gravitated towards my fellow Irish Domme and was delighted by their sense of sisterhood. With Goddess Lucy I was able to have a giggle with her, as well as admire her absolute beauty. This absolute stunner can control a sub with her smile alone; but she has so much more to offer. So, it gives me such pleasure to be able to talk to you all about her today!

Looking stunning, Goddess Lucy has found her Domme self

Finding the power that suited her

Through my talks with women in the world of kink I’m noticing more and more are taking back and reclaiming their power. Quite a number of Dommes I’ve spoken with have started their kink exploration by becoming Sugar Babies and Submissives. And I think that quite often in patriarchal societies, that’s the role women feel they ‘should’ fall into. Especially because that’s the role women mainly find ourselves in when we watch porn. Submissives have their own strength and power and definitely get a sense of empowerment from giving up control. But it’s not for every woman. So, to see these women acknowledge that and make the change is hot! The reason I bring this up is that while exploring her sexuality Goddess Lucy became a Sugar Baby for a while. But she learned quickly that this was not for her.

While she did learn from her experience as a Sugar Baby, a chunk of what she learnt was that she’s not interested in being passive in a relationship. And she has built bonds and relationships with her subs, which I think is brilliant. A good Domme/Sub relationship can be so fulfilling for both parties. This isn’t to say she gives up her control. No no, the Domme/Sub relationships she builds are based around respect, loyalty, openness, and a knowledge of her power. Since realising her Domme potential she’s taken guidance and done her research to give both her subs and herself the best experience. She did tell me that she’s still learning. Which I think is important. The world of kink and the way we explore kink with the use of technology is continuously changing. Because of this, we should continue to learn and move with the times.

Warm and nurturing with a definite attitude!

There’s no one like Goddess Lucy

Goddess Lucy is a Domme who knows exactly who she is and doesn’t try to be anyone else. Now that’s not to say she hasn’t signed up to other Dommes OnlyFans accounts to learn from them. The difference is, she’s taken inspiration from what works for them but made it her own. Because of this she caters to the kinks SHE enjoys. (Ball busting and chastity especially) And in my opinion, that’s the best way to work it. If you know yourself and you know what you enjoy, then you’ll find subs that are the right fit and because you’re enjoying it, they’ll enjoy it even more!

Goddess Lucy does Cash Meets with her Subs and is looking into doing more real-time sessions in the future. I asked her how she vets her Subs for these meets to ensure her safety. Her approach is brilliant. She only meets with Subs she truly trusts, but even then, she requires an ID first. Then she tells a trusted friend, sends them a copy of the ID and leaves her location on her phone. She also meets the Sub in a public place. While majority of the time Subs are good people, it is still important to always safeguard yourself and be in control of your safety.

Goddess Lucy also told me that she’s found that patience is so key. FinDom/FemDom is not a get rich scheme. It can take time, not only to find your true persona but also to build up a set of loyal subs. Don’t rush and it will happen.Well while I’m blown away by this beautiful Domme I want to hear what you think. Leave us a comment below or comment on our Twitter post.

Follow Goddess Lucy at: @GoddessLuluIRE

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Just Finding Out says:

    What a bombshell!! ??? Gorgeous! I love Irish accents too! Does she feature her voice in her clips?

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