This Pastel Princess has the possibility to make your fantasies come true. Meet Squeezy Peach

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It’s not very often when scrolling through NSFW Twitter that I see lots of soft pastels and delicate colours and shapes. Maybe it’s just my timeline, but that’s what I’ve noticed. So, when I came across a photo of a great booty, long pastel pink hair, and pastel clouds, I wanted to have a further look. I would describe Squeezy Peach as a Pastel Princess. But don’t let this beauty in pastel confuse you; there’s more than meets the eye. I want to show you.

Her exploration of kink

You can see what I meant by a Pastel Princess – She is beautiful!

Very honestly, Squeezy Peach told me that she started camming to bring in some extra money to supplement her full-time job. She started on Chaturbate and started to really enjoy it. She ended up making enough to leave her job and started exploring new kinks through making content and custom videos. As people came to her with more ideas on different kinks she hadn’t tried before, she got to test the waters and figure out what type of content she would really enjoy making.

She started by making content with a long-term monogamous partner. They then decided to open up their relationship – which really works for them. She then started making content with other play partners too. Some of her new partners are a bit shy but this just means that they work different angles and kinks to still make awesome content!

She’s not a Sub but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it rough

Impact play with a softer touch

Squeezy Peach doesn’t identify as a Sub, as in her personal life she’s a very dominant person. This assumption was a mistake I made when looking at her content. But, she explained to me, she’s drawn to shy, timid partners. She likes seeing them become more dominant and confident through sex. She gets the same release as a Sub who gives up their power, by playing the soft and gentle role. However, she is by no means giving up her power – she just enjoys being the receiver. And I can get that! I’m a dominant person all round, but do I enjoy rough sex – hells yeah! She just does it with a much softer, very effeminate style.

Squeezy Peach finds making custom roleplay content fun because she isn’t making the same kind of thing again and again. She includes moderate impact play such as: hair pulling, spanking, being pinned, breath play etc. What makes her content so different and appealing is that, while the content may contain impact play, the aesthetics are soft and pretty. It gives the viewer a relaxing sensation while watching these intimate, yet irrefutably BDSM acts. It’s a total oxymoron, but I’m loving it!

Creativity and exploration is key

She never wants to find herself stuck in one kink

Squeezy Peach has a great outlook on kink and creating content. She keeps an open mind to all kinks. She knows what she likes within the kink world but is also open to trying new things. Continuously striving to explore more so that she doesn’t end up finding herself in what I would personally describe as a kink/sex rut. When using this term, I mean that she can enjoy sex and creating content in lots of different ways, while getting her own sexual satisfaction. She’s definitely not just creating what her viewers want to see, and realistically, that’s what makes a great content creator. Someone who is genuinely enjoying what they’re doing is just so much more alluring!

Do you like the sounds of Squeezy Peach? Go follow her on Twitter: @squeezypeach

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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