This Queen rules her Queendom, and she does it with grace, elegance and sadism! Meet Jewels the Ultimately Illustrious

Jewels the Ultimately Illustrious

I have been a fan of Jewels the Ultimately Illustrious ever since I saw her post photos of her sitting on a gorgeous red armchair. She’s posturing seductively in lingerie and heels, black satin long gloves with a cigarette holder (You know the type that Cruella DeVil used), a crown, and a regal red robe. She was commanding her scene! I could not help but be enthralled. She looked the epitome of regal dominance and sexiness! But this Queen has a sadistic side. No, it’s not just Kings like Henry VIII that enjoy torturing their subjects. Queen Jewels is ready to rule you into a subspace you’ll never want to leave.

Looking absolutely regal and divine!

From gentle beginnings to mentoring

Having had her first kiss at 18, Jewels could’ve been mistaken as innocent and vanilla. But as soon as she lost her virginity around 19, she began her exploration into the world of kink. Even within her first relationship she explored bondage and exhibitionism. She explored her kinky side until about 26. Then by age 28, Jewels the Ultimately Illustrious had fully embraced her Female Dominance. She decided she wanted to make a sex tape with her current (still to this day) partner.

Her partner had previously been a Dominant, but through their journey of making custom fetish requests and exploring the BDSM scene it became a Female Led Relationship more so. Jewels the Ultimately Illustrious is in a poly relationship and I just love the dynamics of it. She has mentored her female partner who has now also realised her FemDomme potential. She also describes her male partner as “badass at being a trainer sub”. To be honest, I’m drooling just thinking about it!

She’ll break you down and lift you back up

Sadistic but in safe hands

While she finds all genres of kink to be enjoyable; from soft and nurturing domination, goal building and task setting to dark fantasy role play, sadism plays a big role in her sexual desires. Being a natural empath, it’s a very interesting combination. She thrives from the Submissive giving over their control to her, allowing themselves to fall into a state of subspace and taking physical pain for her.  All the while, they know that they are in her care and that she will build them back up after the session is over. Aftercare is so important to her and that’s why Submissives would find it easier to place trust in her.

One very interesting point that Jewels made was that she believes all Dommes conducting real-time sessions should have First Aid training. That’s not something I’d ever really thought about before, but it makes total sense! We at are continuously talking about RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and SSC (Safe Sane Consensual) play. It only makes sense that part of ensuring safety and being risk aware would mean knowing basic first aid.

It’s important to take care of the mind

BDSM and the mind

Jewels warned me to be careful of who I invest my time and energy in, especially online. There will always be people out there looking for freebies, trying to manipulate, or trying to top from the bottom. And she’s dead right about this. She also mentioned the importance of self-care before and after a session to avoid Domme Drop. Make sure you ground yourself and reaffirm your boundaries in your mind (and with the Submissive). This is great advice, if you haven’t heard of Domme Drop before, then here’s a link to our article about how to care for it.

Jewels the Ultimately Illustrious believes in BDSM and kink therapy; that one/we can heal from trauma through BDSM. She also believes that we can use BDSM in a safe way with those who are struggling to open up and realise their emotions. To enable this, she one day hopes to create a “Sub Sanctuary”. This will of course be after she’s had some more professional training.

Overall, I just find Jewels the Ultimately Illustrious so enticing, an eloquent and absolute regal beauty. Any sub would be lucky to make her their Queen!

To follow her go to: @fixandfuckyou

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  1. That was a Truly amazing article. Jewels is one of the (if not the best) overall Domme out there. Her fluidity and focus on goals and growth of her subs is unmatched. All hail the Queen

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