This Queen Will Body Slam Your Mind; It’s Queen Gia Love

Queen Gia Love

What’s more intimidating in an exciting way than a Dominatrix? A Domme that can crush your head between her thighs and put you in a chokehold is what! Mixing wrestling with Domination is a delightfully terrifying concept which would keep any Submissive in line. Queen Gia Love is one Domme you do not want to mess with! She will push your face in to the mat and make you beg for more! I’ve watched her wrestling clips and she’s vicious. I’d be well behaved in her presence that is for sure. I wanted to get to know more about her and share my findings with all of you.

From Modelling, to Wrestling, to Fetish Content Maker

Modelling led her to much naughtier things

Queen Gia Love hadn’t set out to be a Domme. Friends and family suggested she give modelling a try. Queen Gia Love oozes sexuality so to me, this was a great suggestion. She became a freelance model with Mayhem Models for a time and enjoyed her work. Queen Gia Love was approached by Jessica Nova of after a while. Jessica Nova suggested she apply for This is a site that embraces the porn side of Cosplay modelling. I’ve had a look, it’s a great site, you should check it out.

Queen Gia Love was hesitant at first because the photo sets for had to be nude. This hesitation didn’t last long though. She quickly got over her shyness and started to really enjoy the shoots. She felt more comfortable with getting naked in front of the camera. From there she began camming and becoming more into Fetish content. This led into wrestling which ties in nicely with FemDom. Her wrestling clips are vicious but erotic at the same time which. The power she exudes during these clips is intense and hypnotising.

Voted “Most Likely to Become a Dominatrix”

I would be honoured to be crushed by that ass

Queen Gia Love was voted “Most likely to become a Dominatrix” in high school. (I know, I was gobsmacked too that this was a category!) So to me, it’s no surprise that Queen Gia Love fit naturally into her new roll as a Dominatrix. She’s learned a lot since starting out but one thing she definitely believes in is clear communication. It’s so important to communicate thoroughly with your Submissives so that you’re both on the same page. The benefit of this is that both parties avoid getting frustrated and the Submissive being disappointed. As HennyLeigh pointed out if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing the customer won’t either. They pick up on your negative energy and it’s not good for either party.

It’s true that Queen Gia Love can put you in a headlock without a second thought, she’s not always so violent in her Domination. She appreciates the effectiveness of sensation play and tickling or gentle strokes. These mixed in with the rough side can be a delightful mix for the Submissive and always keep them guessing. Her sadistically sensual nature means her Submissives are always in for a treat and are very unlikely to want to “Tap Out”.

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