Top Twitter FinDom Scams – Why Do FinDommes Accept Lies So Easily These Days?

findom bait

The participation in online FinDom has continued to see steady growth. With that, there’s also been an increase in Twitter FinDom scams of the Dominant Women involved. So why are FinDommes falling for fakery so easily?

Social media promotes a life that’s rarely real

Instagram influencers promote a lifestyle that everyone wants. The money, the designer wardrobe, the jet-setting lifestyle, but most of it is staged. Sometimes you’ll see on their posts that they will have been sponsored by a company to take that shot to promote them. The Women in FinDom had found a way to gain these benefits legitimately, but to achieve high levels is difficult and also very uncommon.

This was uncovered recently when people found out that spaces could be hired to take photos. Instagram influencer Azra Mian said she was on a private jet… but she was infact in a staged warehouse setting in Los Angeles.

We now live in a world where people want everything for nothing. FinDom began to look like the “easy” way to get it.

Where have Twitter FinDom scams come from?

Financial Domination was originally about Women seductively coercing men out of their finances, and showing them what they have bought or spent. Now with the rise of Twitter and bringing more visibility to this fetish, the wrong first impression is that Women are begging for money and just bragging about what they have managed to have bought for them.

Financial Dominatrices are inundated with requests from the media to shed light on this niche fetish. It still remains relatively new and the psychology behind it is barely understood. Documentaries on television, Twitter, Reddit and Tik Tok all promote the Women in FinDom, but very rarely do you actually hear anybody talk about the fetish from a professional and psychological point of view.

So now you have lots more people with a lust for money and the good life, wanting a taste of FinDom without knowing what the kink is. So here are some of the scams you can now find on Twitter, and how to avoid them.

PayPal Sugar Daddies

This is probably the biggest scam since sugar daddies don’t reside on social media and never have. They thrive on person-to-person connections, dinner dates, trips abroad, and sexual relationships amongst other things. They gain no satisfaction from giving their money away to Women to get very little in return. This is very unlike the financial submissive.

Whilst there is no official maximum you can have in Paypal, it’s not a bank. They can freeze the funds at any point leaving them high and dry. Nobody in their right mind would leave such a high balance in a platform that is insecure.

Sugar Daddy with his sugar
Sugar daddy with his sugar baby

A lot of what these accounts do is change the HTML code (the scripting language that is used to create webpages) or repost doctored screenshots they found on Google.

Showing a high Paypal balance acts as bait to attract Women who are seeking men with money. So, just avoid any account that claims to be a sugar daddy. Because he’s definitely broke.

Bait tweets

A man will lure Women with these tweets and watch as they them come flocking to him. These men have very little to no money at all and have no intention of paying either. Genuine finsubs just pay who they want, and when they want.

A bait tweet is where a “sub” posts something like:

“I’m so weak and have money I don’t deserve. Will someone help me lose it all?”

“Looking for a cruel findom to own me”

“Where are all the real dommes?”

“My wallet is open, please make me your paypig”

“Just got scammed, why is it so hard to find a genuine Domme ????”

To find out if a finsub is genuine or not, put their name into the search bar to see if and who they have paid. If they talk about paying a random Domme without tagging her, chances are she doesn’t exist. Even if a submissive tweets that he’s sent a few $20 here and there and you fawn over him, what does that you say about your Domination style?

A genuine financial submissive knows a Dominant Woman when he see’s one. He is willing to part with thousands of dollars, pounds, euros etc without ever having to question her integrity, or ask anything from her in return. If you have to work hard for your tribute, try going back to the drawing board and asking yourself why that is.

Posting any examples of bait tweets see’s these losers get off on the attention of even being called out. So there is no chance of Me referencing any of them here.

Dominatrix Pyramid Schemes

Groups of Women “recruit” new and inexperienced Dommes into their fold. What happens is there is normally a Domme in charge and that person uses their reputation to make other Dommes fall in line underneath them. They sometimes will offer them opportunities if they pay them. This can be training, the use of their dungeon, or retweets on Twitter. There was even an awful scam where a “sub” told new Dommes to recruit other Dommes. They called themselves A & B Wolfpack, demanded real names from Women and a tribute to join which he took a cut from. There was so much bullying involved and when it exploded on Twitter it was really unbelievable to witness.

You might think you are building your reputation but in actual fact, all that does is show that you are unable to make it on your own. Once you are associated with people who don’t have good intentions, it is hard to get out from underneath them. The best thing is to work for yourself, by yourself. Seek advice, but be conscious to connect with likeminded Women.

FinDom classes

Dominatrices who say they can teach you how to do Financial Domination or FinDom mostly won’t teach you and can’t teach you the most important lesson – how to be Dominant. FinDom is telling a man to give you money and him giving it to you because you are worth it. You need to have a very high self worth to be able to drain wallets dry. Financial Domination is controlling a mans finances like you control your own spending. If you aren’t good with your own finances then you won’t be good at controlling others. There’s not much more to learn than that but you can find some general advice on My FreeFinDomGuide.

The first FinDom class was taught by genuine and successful Domme Empress Jazzy. Another Domme took that idea and turned it one of the most heartbreaking Twitter Findom scams. She demanded $100 to join her “class” where on Skype all Women were told to do was “make clips and tweet”. It emerged that she was using the girls to boost her reputation further and didn’t teach them anything. She even promised to add them to her MTV appearance for exposure when it had already been filmed.

If you want to get good at online sex work, then learn how to make good content for all the kinks you are interested in. How do you market yourself, make high quality video clips, post engaging tweets and Instagram photos? This information is best sought after by someone who is offering marketing advice because this advice is transferrable across any industry to work in.


Femsubs are common in lifestyle relationships because Women require a physical and emotional connection in their play but this is rarely found online. They are also more common in CIS gendered relationships where the Dominant is male. If you have attended any lifetstyle events around the world, or read about BDSM you’ll see this to be true. The FemDom community is quite small in comparison and if your world is FemDom, it’s easy to assume the scale is much larger than it is.

Be alert for scams
Female Dominatrix with her submissive

This is one of the newest Twitter FinDom scams trends we are seeing a lot of. It’s highly obvious to the more experienced Dominatrix that most of these femsubs on Twitter will be men posing as Women. Even I recently had a “femsub” and when they paid into My bank account it came up with a man’s name.

To be safe, it’s always best to treat them exactly how you would treat men from a dominant perspective. With no mercy and no excuses.

Dommes posing as trolling subs

It happens a lot more often than Women are willing to admit. You might ask why they would do this and it’s a very good question. It’s done to either humiliate their peers and expose them as fake, weak or whatever negative traits they assume they have. It’s also done keep an eye on them as competition and copy any practices they use. But bear in mind that copying someone else is never as good as the original.

Always be smart and like above, deal with every sub with money as the priority. You shouldn’t have to work hard to get what you’re owed as an amazing and strong Woman.

Have you seen any of these Twitter FinDom scams? Do you have any to add to this list? Leave your comments below.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

6 responses to “Top Twitter FinDom Scams – Why Do FinDommes Accept Lies So Easily These Days?”

  1. FemSubs are like Unicorns! I’d adore one but I know that majority of ‘FemSubs’ that approach are scams.

  2. I’ve also been approached by ‘promotion pages’ where they look for quite high rates of pay in exchange for X amount of followers and subscribers… Only to look at their Twitter profile and see it was set up last week and have only 250 followers themselves. So how is that going to work? It’s not. One simple click on the profile and you’ll see it won’t.

  3. It’s so terrible that people think they can get away with being so cruel. It’s awful. Money is exchanged for goods and services. Just accept that!

  4. I’ll admit, when I first started out I almost fell for the Sugar Daddy scam. Thankfully I got suspicious and said I didn’t have the money to buy that Amazon gift card that they claimed they’d top up.

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