We meet Honey Deity, the Goddess with a sweet face but a sharp stinger!

With a smile as sweet as… do I need to finish that? But with words that’ll sting like a bee (apologies for the corny joke). I came across this Goddesses account and I was drawn in by her beauty. But her content, her content is where the real gold is! I opened up a clip that showed her amazing smile, body, and a cute little outfit – but her words cut to the core! Anyone who was looking to worship would easily fall into her trap.

She looks sweet and innocent but there’s so much more to Honey Deity

From Submissive to Goddess

Honey Deity has always been dominant, from the age of around fifteen she made a boyfriend pay her a “girlfriend allowance”. She didn’t lose her dominance when she met an older man on Tinder and began dating him. It naturally developed into a Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship. She enjoyed the euphoric feeling of being in sub space but when they switched roles on occasion, she found the rush of dominance even more intense. She decided that being a Domme suited her much more. Not only did she find the play more intense and thrilling but that often (a lot, not all of) the Sugar Daddies had a sense of entitlement, just because money was involved. She wanted to be the one in control. This is not always the case with Sugar Daddies, but it can be a common occurrence.

Honey Deity is a FemDomme first and foremost. She has been a FinDomme as well for around six months, but both include her subs relinquishing their power. Whether it’s their mind and body or their mind and money, it’s the power that she craves! This “Power Hungry Monster” finds the trust required and the level of control (especially in chastity play) completely erotic. This to me is great to hear because when we talk about the exchange of money sometimes, especially in vanilla media, the Domme/Sub receiving the money, they can be made out to be desperate for money and not enjoy their craft. Yes, some Dommes/Subs have created full-time careers/businesses from their craft but it’s important to hear that they’re getting a thrill from it too and I wanted to highlight her use of the word erotic.

This is one honey trap you want to get caught in!

Finding her true Goddess self

After an abusive relationship Honey Deity moved into domination fully and found that it helped her build a better understanding of herself. Through becoming a Dominant she regained a lot of her strength and self-worth. If that isn’t a great use of kink then I don’t know what is! She’s also found that through kink she’s learnt how to be more patient, have greater self-control, and very importantly; how to read people’s language and body language better. These are all skills that can be transferred into her personal life too, which is great!

Honey Deity lives up to her name when it comes to Subs that are new to the scene. She’s nurturing and a bit more patient as she moulds them into their new submissive self. With more seasoned Subs she is tougher because they know what is expected of them – so she won’t take nonsense. When setting ground rules and remaining patient but firm with her subs she finds they WANT to serve her and be the best Sub they can. This all comes with good communication which is so important as we’ve mentioned in 24/7 Domme/Sub Relationships; a Sweet Dream, or an Unshakable Nightmare. But if a Sub is looking for a classic style of Domme, then she is more than happy to put that Sub in their place and make them drop to their knees for her.

Don’t disobey, this Goddess WILL discipline you!

The future for this Goddess

Honey Deity started off as a real-time Domme and (all going well) would like to venture into becoming a Pro-Domme towards the end of 2021. Her dream is to own her own Dungeon, “The Deity Dungeon” in the future! I love seeing a woman who is driven and has a goal that she is working towards. So, you will definitely be seeing more of this stunning beauty in the future! This will be a safe space for Subs to come and explore their fantasies. She wants people to be able to really enjoy their kink and become more productive in your day to day life while releasing some “real world” pressure. Kink is and should be fun! That’s the aim of the game! Embrace it with Honey Deity!

If you want to follow Honey Deity and see some of her delicious content got to Twitter: @thehoneydeity for more.

What do you think of this sweet Goddess? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter post.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

3 responses to “We meet Honey Deity, the Goddess with a sweet face but a sharp stinger!”

  1. Pussy worshipper says:

    Goddess to be followed and obeyed becoming slave now

  2. Anonymous For You says:

    Oh my Goddess!!! Thanks for writing about this amazing woman. I hadn’t come across her profile before and now I can follow and hopefully gather up the courage to worship. Her curves and that smile are making me weak.

  3. Submissive Sarah says:

    My God she is GORGEOUS!!!! What an absolute Goddess!!! She seems like a lot of fun too. Following instantly!!

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