What the Yiff Is Going On When Furries Get Sexy?

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At FFFBuzz.com, we’ve talked about Pet Play before. The Chateau is a wonderful house full of women who love to partake in burlesque and kitten play. But what I’m going to talk about is something a little different. This particular kink isn’t just beautiful people (I’m including everyone in that description) wearing ears and tails and enjoying sex. This is a whole different level. The kinksters I’m going to talk about, enjoy taking on an anthropomorphic form. That’s right, I’m talking about “Furries.” What in the world is that you ask? Think of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They wear clothes and have human characteristics but are animals. Being a Furry is the same thing. But I’m not talking about JUST being a Furry. That alone isn’t a kink. It’s the sexual side I’m going to talk about, or “yiffing”.

Not every Furry is into yiffing

Artist: Bill Cypher

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I want to clarify, being a Furry does not make you a sexual deviant. A lot of people that enjoy being a Furry and go to the conventions make connections with other Furries but never associate that with sex. It’s actually a minority of Furries that take part in the kinky side and a lot of the conventions work really hard to separate themselves from yiffing. Obviously, what people get up to in their hotel room is totally up to them, but the main convention itself will only feature child-friendly stalls and events.

Yiffing is where two (or more) Furries have sex together while still in their fur suits. Some Furries get their fur suits made with strategically placed holes for easy access to some sexy play. For a lot of Furries, their fursona (yep, that’s a term. I learned all the terminology while researching this fetish) is a way to express a different side of themselves. So, yiffing is kind of like roleplaying. Your fursona could be a really suave Casanova but in day-to-day life, you’re shy and reserved. The freedom from normalcy is what makes this form of play fun. You’re letting your fursona enjoy its animal urges and express itself in a primal nature.

Some of it is beautiful

Artist: Nuzzo

The Furry community is full of creative souls. A lot of wonderful artists create beautiful animations of worlds that host the Furries. And of course, if you can think it, there’s porn about it. Yiffing is no different. It has some pretty impressive porn! The animation work on some of it is incredible!

These videos of seductively drawn anthropomorphics in all sorts of scenarios and scenes feature everything from gentle love making to full on BDSM style sex. There’s cross-species sex, which used to be seen as taboo, and scenes with all genders playing together. One thing I did notice – while some of the scenes can be very brutal – yiffing porn often hares similarities to anime porn in its portrayal of softness and gentleness afterwards in the form of aftercare. I can’t remember the last time I watched a regular porno that featured aftercare! It was quite refreshing.

There are so many misconceptions of Furries. People think they’re all sick and perverted. That’s just not true. Most of them are wholesome, warm and soft. The ones that are perverted, are perverted in the fun way! Naughty, kinky, perverted and sexy fun. All with consent of course (especially because most of it is animated!) A lot of people growing up had a ‘weird feeling’ about some cartoon character or other. A friend of mine revealed that the found Simba from The Lion King hot. Is she a closet Furry? Maybe it’s not as unusual as the media makes us think!

Are you a Furry? Are you into yiffing? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below or on our Twitter post.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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