Used Condom Fetish; When ‘Safe Sex’ Isn’t so Safe.

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Everyone knows that using condoms helps to protect you during sex. They’re not just to stop you getting pregnant. Condoms protect you from a massive range of STIs and STDs. You should always use a condom when engaging in sexual interactions with a new partner or if you’re not in a monogamous relationship. When myself and my partner swing we use condoms and use a fresh one each time we switch partners. It’s the key to staying safe. Your health is your wealth and I want to be rich! But some people are interested in condoms for other reasons. And that’s what I want to talk about today. At FFFBuzz we do not kink shame, but we want to encourage everyone to play safely.

The used condom fetish and its dangers

I was gobsmacked when I read this!

There are people out there that get majorly turned on from ingesting or masturbating with used condoms. This is a fetish mostly enjoyed by men, but it can get dangerous. The whole point of condoms is to prevent the spread of STIs and STDs. But if your fetish is enjoying ingesting the contents of a condom then you’re exposing yourself to whatever that person has. What really scares me is an article I was shown by Pay4Hay that discusses people going out on a “condom hunt” to search for used condoms.

What’s a condom hunt you ask? Well, that is the part that really scared me about this fetish. Some people are going searching around car parks/wooded areas or really anywhere they think people may go to have public sex for used condoms. So, these particular people aren’t just ingesting condoms other people have used. They’re ingesting used condoms of complete strangers! They have absolutely no idea of who the user is, when they last got tested (if ever), or what their health status is. That’s just looking for trouble!

The article published on Scientific American, goes into the dangers of the used condom fetish. Scientific research has proven that STDs as serious as HIV (they’re all dangerous, especially when not treated) can survive for up to three days at room temperature. So, if you find a used condom that’s been sitting out in the sun, keeping those microorganisms warm, then you could be in a world of danger. Some STIs or STDs don’t even need to be kept at room temperature to remain alive and ready to transfer. Below is a story of a skipper that ended up catching gonorrhoea while being out at sea for two months!

Clean your toys people!

There are safe ways to enjoy this fetish

Look, we want everyone to enjoy their kinks and fetishes. We just want you all to stay safe. There’s plenty of reputable people out there happy to sell their condoms to you to fulfil your prophylactic needs. These sellers regularly get tested to ensure they’re healthy and that you stay healthy too! The above, Pay4Hay is one such seller. Her Man4Hay goodies are a safe way to enjoy your cuckolding, cum guzzling desires. So please, don’t go scavenging for used condoms to enjoy. But them and stay healthy. We all know that when you pay for your porn it’s better and sometimes even customised for your pleasure. Do the same with your used condoms. Pay to stay safe and healthy while enjoying your kinks!

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4 responses to “Used Condom Fetish; When ‘Safe Sex’ Isn’t so Safe.”

  1. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    Nope! Not for me or my Submissives. I want my Submissives to be healthy and safe! Taking random condoms is so risky!

  2. Sucker for a Scott says:

    Thanks for the advice! I’d never dream of picking up a used condom off the street to enjoy. BUT I now have a new seller to buy from! I’ll definitely be checking out Pay4Hay!

  3. Sarah the Submissive says:

    I love being a little cum guzzling slut at the best of times but I value my health! I’m so careful about where I buy my used condoms from. I have a family to take care of. I don’t want to get sick/pass anything on to my family.

  4. Submissive Sam says:

    Oh my! I can’t believe people go scavenging for condoms! Well actually I can. But seriously though! That’s so dangerous! How can they not be terrified that they’ll catch something?

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