When you approach a Goddess or Mistress, what goes through your mind? What is it that you are looking for? By Miss Foxx

Miss Foxx

Are you looking for that quick fix, a drive by thrill, a short sharp shot of adrenaline or a long term engagement where your mind and body are pushed to limits that you didn’t even know were a part of you?

Do you even think of the Mistress and Her feelings about your submission or do you just think purely of yourself and your desires?

This is where you start to learn the differences between a submissive and a slave.

Being a submissive

Your wants and needs as a sub will be mostly based around yourself, but that’s not to say that some of you will take into consideration the Mistress you approach to serve. Whether your submission be financially, or to worship Her feet, be Her toilet, maid and whatever else, you have initially approached Her because you want to get a certain pleasure or experience from your submission.

During those few minutes, hours or days that you are “behaving” as a submissive, you must always be thinking about how you project yourself, and what a submissive actually is. “Ready to conform to the authority or will of others; meekly obedient or passive.” you may stand up for yourself if you feel you are treated unfairly but it is offensive to other submissives if you are shouting, screaming, kicking up a fuss and acting like child.

I don’t allow subs to dictate one time sessions or anything else when they approach Me because I want them to trust Me. I list all My fetishes and kinks and it is then up to you to approach Me with which one’s you share with Me. It is about Me. A subs position with Me is very clear, you will not make requests or ask Me to do anything for you and expect Me to do it and have a tantrum if I don’t. You are at the end of the day, a grown man who should be respectful of Me, your Superior, at all times. We may possibly have a discussion about it but it is up to Me to decide whether I feel you deserve what you have asked of Me.

As a submissive, should also never make a promise to a Woman that you cannot fulfil and do not try and waste Her time trying to negotiate terms of your submission. You may be approaching Us on social media, via the phone or email but there is a Woman on the other end of the conversation. Empty words are meaningless and just shows that you do not value the importance of the Woman you are communicating with. Many boys seem to forget we are Elite beings but also human. Flesh, bone, blood and heart. You may have all of your feelings in your pants, but we have our feelings and minds in the right places.

Becoming a slave

When you start to transition from a sub to a slave, this is where you learn to become selfless and really understand how much time, effort and training your Goddess will put into you. To mould you, shape you and help you become the slave She knows you can be. And also it is a reflection of Her skill. She will spend time learning as much as she can about you, yes, She will acknowledge your kinks and fetishes if they match Her interests, but ultimately she will start to push you and test your boundaries for Her own pleasure. Her learning of you will be much deeper than learning what turns Her on.

Allowing yourself to trust your Mistress will enable you to achieve such enlightenment within yourself. If you have chosen the right Mistress, She will love, nurture and guide you though your journey and make sure that you are kept safe at all times.

So you need to understand that when you resist, lash out or respond in a negative way, it will be upsetting to Her. She is doing Her best to let the relationship flourish but if you show any refusal or question Her judgement, it is a sign of disrespect. If you are not happy with Her instructions, then it is on you that you probably have chosen the wrong Mistress to serve, or you thought you were ready to commit yourself to a serious Domme/sub relationship.

I invest a lot of time and emotions into My boys and I have made it known over the years that there have been one or two subs to make Me so upset because they have been so unaware that their behaviour has been so hurtful towards Me. As a Domme, you want to feel proud of your subs and slaves. You want to feel like your hard work is paying off and when boys don’t do as they are told, because you have really thought in depth about how they can progress and improve their servitude to you, it’s hurtful when they show such selfishness in their own emotions and not think about yours.

Boys, please don’t take your Mistress for granted. Don’t see Her as a service provider, an emotionless android, someone who you can just use to get your kicks. It doesn’t work like that in My world. You are the android and I will program you to understand you are owned by Me wholly. Your job is to serve your Master accordingly and it will be hard work, be under no illusions.

Mistresses think of every action and every possible consequence of an instruction when given to you, and every response should be “yes, Mistress” and not “yes, but only if…” or “well, I’m not too sure about that”. Trust your Mistress. If you have picked the right one, you should be able to trust Her, or if you don’t, you should just walk away.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

3 responses to “When you approach a Goddess or Mistress, what goes through your mind? What is it that you are looking for? By Miss Foxx”

  1. Adrian slave says:

    I’m a submissive male and I would love to be controlled and disciplined so that I can be turned into someone’s personal slave.

  2. EveryonesFavouriteSissy says:

    This is as close as I’ve seen to a comprehensive guide on how to approach a Domme. Thanks!

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