Wherefore art thou Mistress? 10 steps on how to find and keep your Mistress

Are you looking for the Mistress who will be with you forever?

Are you finding it hard to find her?

Then I will give you 10 easy steps on how to find and keep your Mistress?

I’ve always wondered where to start and to decide what it is I am looking for? If you unsure where to start or even what you are looking for, then here are 10 easy steps to find the Mistress of your dreams.

These 10 easy steps to find your Mistress has taken me over 10 years to figure out but I finally done it.

  1. Make sure that you are fully in tune with your needs as a submissive. Think about your boundaries and limits.
  2. To know what it is exactly you desire for your forever Mistress.
  3. Go to different fetish events and socialise with others and get to understand how they found their Mistress.
  4. Remember to try different types of Mistresses but always set out your boundaries first. If you wish to push your limits then do with caution. Remember trusting your Mistress is the first thing to do.
  5. Get to know and understand your Mistress and building your sub/domme relationship.
  6. Remember if your not comfortable or something isn’t right then being open with her will allow you both to understand each other on a deeper level.
  7. For some Mistresses, total submission in all things, can and mostly are required to sustain and meet your Mistresses needs and yours.
  8. Submission is not just a thing, it’s a way of life. You eat, breathe and live a submissive role.
  9. Chemistry for one another and respect are important for both.
  10. Play, play and more play! This is the reward you receive and the only reward you wish to get.

These 10 different things will help you find the Mistress of your dreams.

I followed these steps, and it took me 10 years, but I now have my forever Mistress.

I wish you the upmost success in your future search, remember not to doubt your gut feelings.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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