Which Style of Domination Brings Out The Best In You?

Being a Dominant doesn’t always mean that physical pain will always be inflicted upon your submissives. There are lots of different types of domination to explore. Whether you are a new or experienced Dominatrix, maybe you will being to uncover a new and exciting type of domination to enjoy in your play.

As a dominant you should always remember to show respect for all those you encounter, no matter their BDSM hierarchy or status.

So here are 4 types of domination and Women I think embody them amazingly.

Physical Domination

This perhaps is the easiest to understand and participate in. By being physically dominant means to put yourself into a position where the other person, or people, are submissive to your strength.

Examples of physical domination are:

  • Bondage
  • Wrestling / Beat downs
  • Trampling
  • Whipping/Flogging/Spanking
  • Face slapping
  • Smothering / Face sitting
  • Ball busting
  • Lift and Carry

Anastaxia’s physical dominance is also about her demeanour. She stands tall and present herself with confidence, is relaxed and be at ease in any environment, and maintains comfortable eye-contact with those she is engaging with to show her sincerity and self assurance.

Anastaxia Domina – Wrestling Goddess

Psychological Domination

You can use psychology to manipulate your play partners into submission and this means getting truly into their mind. Goddess Posh learns what turns them on, or makes them even more submissive. By learning what their kinks are she can use them to her advantage to affirm her dominance over them. For example if her submissive loves feet, she can deny them the view of her feet and simply describe what they look like.

Examples of psychological domination are:

  • Verbal Abuse & Humiliation
  • Racial Play & Humiliation
  • Religious Play & Humiliation
  • Age Play & Humiliation (ie. Female Daddy Domme)
  • Gender Play & Humiliation (i.e Sissification)
  • Female Supremacy
Goddess Posh – Mindfuck Expert

Sensual Domination

What you’re aiming for here is the slow burn so build up the tension to either deny or allow your submissive to orgasm. Goddess Amber Mae knows that if a submissive is physically attracted to her then it heightens his experience. She then enhances the experience by being mindful of what attire she chooses to wear.

Being sensual is about arousal so you want your submissive to have sexual feelings without actually needing to have intercourse.

Examples of sensual domination are:

  • Tease and denial
  • Erotic foreplay
Queen Amber Mae – Sensual Dominatrix

Financial Domination

You could argue that it falls under the umbrella of psychological domination as you do need to understand the mindset of a financial submissive to be able to enjoy this fetish fully. Be adventurous and add in other elements such as sensual domination to coerce money from your finsub.

To dominate a mans finances you need to be very strict and understand your high self worth. Ceara Lynch does that perfectly as she knows that if a man cannot satisfy her as a Financial Dominatrix with finances, then he is of no use to her.

Ceara Lynch – Highly successful Financial Dominatrix

So what did you think of this article? Are there any styles of domination I have missed? Please comment below

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5 responses to “Which Style of Domination Brings Out The Best In You?”

  1. Leesha Lacey says:

    I’m a Sensual Financial Dominatrix. I love Tease and Denial. It’s my favourite thing to do is get a Sub all hot and bothered so that when I tell them to send they’re eager to. Anything to please me and make me want to say the words that let them cum.

  2. Sam the Sub says:

    I love when Mistress get physical with me. It shows she cares and wants to teach me to do better.

  3. Leatherboundloser says:

    Bondage and Breath play i would say is a combination of sensual and physical Domination. I’m physically restricted but it feels sensual

  4. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    Sensual Domination with a sadistic twist is definitely my style. I love it

  5. poshydoggo says:

    i have first-hand knowledge of being mind-fucked by Goddess Posh; i agree…She is an expert at controlling her slaves’ minds and leaves an indelible mark! i can see how the other Dommes You mentioned have their own areas of expertise too. Great article, thanks!

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