I was afraid to admit that I’m attracted to both Women and Men, but mostly because I couldn’t be honest to them while I wasn’t being honest about myself.


Sexuality during a male to Female transition

While hiding myself all those years, I’ve kept sexuality in a metaphorical box. I was helped in this by not having a strong desire to have sex with a penis. I wonder how common this is given the popularity of male chastity. Every time I saw a guy had drawn a penis on something, my response was eww, why – put it away, I have just never understood men being proud of their penis.

Dick pics? Ewwww!

I have long dreamt of being physically female and having a boyfriend  and wondered how that would feel to have him make love to me, it’s been the impossible dream. In more recent years I have learned about other options that could be fun that were curious omissions from my Catholic Boys school sex ed. Classes.

There is no doubt that transitioning has changed this, I have not only been going through a revolution in who I am, but also how I relate to people. The impossible dream is a little less impossible. At the moment, I’m still attracted to both Women and Men, but I’m shy and a bit mindful that hormones can change that balance.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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