Who else believes Females know how to dominate male maggots like us?


I have been in the fetish sense for quite a while and I’ve always looked at boys like myself and believed that females know who to dominate boys. But then there are others who believe this isn’t so.

Have you ever just looked at a female and thought I should be on my knees by her side? Or is that just me?

I was at a club that I shall not name, and I had gone by myself and was looking to play. I had a couple of drinks and I had found myself in this bizarre situation. There was a female domme and a submissive female along side with two male submissive too, and I wasn’t asked but told “maggot get here, and show these other toys of mine how a real submissive pleases”!

So what did I do? I fell to my knees and crawled across the floor towards her and the others. When I reached the place I was told to be, I began to kiss her shoes in appreciation for her.

So we played and it was a completely amazing time I had with them all, though I think the others had the arse with me as I had done everything I was told and received praise for it too. Oh well!

But my question is to you all, who else agrees that the female gender is far superior to the male gender, and they certainly know how to treat us men?!

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

One response to “Who else believes Females know how to dominate male maggots like us?”

  1. Fang sissy says:

    I believe that women are so very beautiful and very able to get a man to completely submit to their ways

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