Whorephobia is common among civilians, but sex workers can also think that way

One of the more disagreeable aspects of the femdom scene is whorephobia. It’s bad enough that civilians look down on sex workers; we don’t need to be doing the same to one another. Yet unfortunately it’s not unknown to see attitudes that I’d expect from people outside the world of sex work, not from within. Dommes thinking they’re better than women who fuck for money, escorts looking down on strippers – you name it, there’s a sex worker thinking their gig is better than someone else’s.

Ladies, we’re all here to take money from men, so how does it matter which method we choose?

All sex workers are valuable

I get that you may not want confusion as to what you offer. It’s infuriating when clients assume that you do nudity just because another domme does, or that you sleep with clients when domination is all about being unobtainable. But calling yourself a domme does not make you innately better than an escort. Nor is an escort better than a girl who works the street. We need to stop dehumanising or denigrating each other just for working a different aspect of sex work.

And let’s face it, our work is designed to arouse men (and part them from their cash), whatever aspect of sex work we do. One is not better than any other. Whether you’re a cam girl, dominatrix, findomme, sell panties, do full-service sex work, or strip, none of us are superior to each other. We have our differences, but we also have common factors. We’re all just trying to make a living in a field that garners a lot of criticism and doesn’t look good on your CV. It may even be illegal depending on where you live. So why make things even more difficult for each other by acting superior?

Uplift other women

Dommes in particular run the risk of believing their own publicity and thinking that they’re above other women. But it’s important to remember that other women have not consented to participate in that dynamic with you. As a firm believer in female supremacy, I’d rather uplift other women than put them down. With whorephobia so prevalent in the outside world, we really don’t need hostility from other sex workers. So let’s support and encourage each other; together we are stronger.

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Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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  1. Miss Dee Meaner says:

    Very very well said!!

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