Why Do High-Powered Men Love to Drop to Their Knees for Beautiful Dominant Women?

Have you ever noticed when talking to submissive men, they generally seem to have really successful personal lives? At least the genuine ones do. And when I say genuine, I mean they actually want to serve and don’t try to ‘top from the bottom’. It’s actually common that men in the highest paying professions, with elite titles would rather submit to a woman in the bedroom. But what is it that compels these high-powered men to yearn for submittal and give up their power when their bedroom door swings closed?

It’s all about the release

Submission theory for high powered men.
He may be a top lawyer during the day but a submissive at night

I have a theory (which I’ve been told by some subs is true). These high-powered men (it can be women too but I’m going to focus on male subs) work hard and have a lot of power in their jobs and daily lives. People rely on them to keep things moving and to make the tough decisions. Their day-to-day lives are full of pressure from all angles. Some of the higher paid positions also come with the added pressures of how to manage that money. Then there’s the familial pressures. If they have a family to take care of, be it elderly parents, a partner and/or children, they’re seen as the ‘head of the household’ and it’s just one more pound of pressure placed upon the individual.

So how does that relate to people with submissive tendencies?

On your knees Mr. CEO.
Submission can help relieve stress

What’s the most rewarding thing to do when you’ve got pent up anger? For me, it’s letting out a really loud scream; finding a quiet safe space and just letting it rip (punk music is great for this!) Screaming all the way from my diaphragm is just such a release. And that’s what these subs are looking for! A release! When they submit to their Dominant woman, they are giving their power over to her. Once a trust is formed, they can gather up all that pent-up stress and pressure from their fast-paced lives and hand it over to their Dominant.

If they’re a sub who’s into BDSM, this is even more prominent. The pain they feel while being flogged, kicked, shocked etc. creates a ball of adrenaline. With that adrenaline, there’s a massive sense of release and relief. The endorphins that come with this release are massively beneficial in terms of stress reduction. So for anyone living a high powered, stress-filled life, where they have to be in control all the time – it makes sense! Give over that control and release that stress into the ether! Let your Dominant guide you through that cathartic release!

Now that’s not to say that all submissives are in super high-pressure lifestyles, or that all people in high-powered lifestyles and professions are submissives into BDSM. It’s merely an observation from not only my own experience, but the experience of others I know/have read about. It’s just a bit of food for thought when talking with current/future submissives.

What do you think of my theory? Let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter post.

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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