With knowledge comes power and Goddess Asian Dom wants both!

With knowledge comes power. One thing you will notice is, with all the women I have talked to before, is that they have done research on the kink scene. This means that they have taken the time to learn their craft. When taking on any new skill or hobby it is very important (if you want to perfect it) to do some research. If you get really into the nitty gritty details of the craft, then you have a much better chance of succeeding. This, paired with a natural dominance and beauty, is why Goddess Asian Dom is taking Twitter by storm.

FinDom found her!

Not every person involved in the kink world go searching for it. Some merely stumble across it. Goddess Asian Dom was on “vanilla” Twitter when she got a new follower, this follower was a Domme. This intrigued her and so she decided to find out what it was all about.

While looking through the Dommes profile she found this part of Twitter really interesting. As she continued looking through other Domme accounts, she realised that the women she was looking at had some similar personality traits. She began to think “I treat men like this on the daily” and wanted to do more research.

She began looking for info online and learnt more about the craft. In the kink world there are a lot more acronyms used than just BDSM. This was her starting point because they’re so commonly used on Twitter. If she was going to give FinDomme a try, she needed to know what the people she was interacting with were talking about.

I love this because I did the same starting out. Urban Dictionary is a godsend for finding out what the different acronyms used mean. Something that isn’t often talked about are the negatives of a Domme/Sub relationship.

Going in eyes wide open!

For every element of kink, it’s important to know the negatives before getting involved. Goddess Asian Dom learned about subs ghosting, dodging their agreed upon tributes, exposure and importantly that FinDomme is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

If you’re in the FinDomme Scene just to make some quick cash without actually enjoying the kink side – well then you’re not going to do well. This was something I learnt to while exploring the scene and it is important to note that it is so much more than that. Even if you do not take part in FemDomme (which Goddess Asian Dom does not), there is more to FinDomme than just “F*ck you, pay me!”.

I think it is very important to note that she did this research before deciding to become a FinDomme, because it means she went into the scene with her eyes open! Of course, FinDomme is exciting and, as she puts it “I get paid to act normal”, which is so fun. But that is a simplified version. And Goddess Asian Dom makes it seem simple, but she does definitely put in the work and it makes sense as to why she is doing so well in the FinDomme world!

If you want to follow Goddess Asian Dom find her on Twitter: @GoddessAsianDo1

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

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