You better not be Missbe(th)aven around the intoxicating Miss Beth Haven!

There is nothing I love more than meeting a strong, powerful woman (be they Domme or Sub) who is a bit alternative and with a sadistic, dark sense of humour. There’s something about these women that just make me want to be their friend and get to know them more. I’ve already written an article on Pay4Hay. She’s a great example of how your love of Domination and Sadism doesn’t have to be so serious! Miss Beth Haven is another individual that I just love looking through her interactions on Twitter. I enjoy seeing how she’ll flip a situation and make it fun in her way. That’s why I’m excited to tell you more about the intoxicating Miss Beth Haven!

She found the power intoxicating!

She’s anything but Submissive now!

Originally when Miss Beth Haven began exploring kink, she did so from a Submissive/Switch position. And in this patriarchal society, unless you’re exposed to kink, I believe that a lot of women naturally just fall into that role because they think they should. She then met a man who opened her eyes up to being Dominant. He enjoyed worshipping at her feet and delicious booty, as well as enjoying humiliation and degradation. Miss Beth Haven found her new sense of power intoxicating. I found it hilarious when she told me “I cry now when I think of all the freebies I gave to undeserving boys over the years”. She said this because she played as a Dominant in sessions for free for a few years. Over a drunken conversation with a friend in 2017, she took her Dominance to Twitter and began her SW journey.

FinDom is so much more than just money

She likes to add in humour to her sadism.

It’s obvious to say that money is the favourite part of FinDom for any Domme. But it’s so much more than just that. It’s the sacrifice the Submissive makes that’s really intoxicating. When they sacrifice to give their Domme something they want, that’s when they really serve their Dommes desires. Miss Beth Haven gets really excited when she gets approached by Submissives look for TPE (Total Power Exchange).

In FinDom, this is where a Submissive sends their Domme their whole paycheque and the Domme does their budget for them. The Domme gives them money to pay their bills and makes up a food budget. TPE is exciting for both the Sub and the Domme. It means that the Submissive must ask their Domme for spending money. Everything, even for as little as a loaf of bread is in the control of the Domme. The rest belongs to the Domme. TPE takes a good bit more effort but can be really rewarding and build an amazing bond between the two.

During Miss Beth Haven’s journey she has learned many skills that she can bring into the vanilla world. When you’re an online SWer you have to develop so many skills. You need to work on your IT skills, business skills, marketing skills, and that’s not to mention all the production skills needed to make content. There’s a LOT to it. These are all skills that can be transferred into so many other facets in life. These skills paired with the extra confidence gained through Dominance makes Miss Beth Haven a powerhouse. She’s a Domme I will be continuing to watch with pleasure!

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