“You want a (chicken) wing bruah?” The Amazon Athena is willing to share!

Amazon Athena

What’s better than a Boss Bitch? A Boss Bitch with a sense of humour, that’s what! I came across The Amazon Athena’s account the other day while scrolling through my timeline and a video of hers came up.

It caught my eye seeing this stunning black woman dancing around in the cutest of undies, hair done to perfection and makeup so natural and beautiful, then I notice the chicken wing! In her hand, while dancing, is a chicken wing that she takes a bite from, offers it to the camera and then continues dancing. I’m all for a bit of food worship but it was the Tweet that went with it that had me weak with laughter. The Tweet reads:

“To the sad shit head in my OF DM’s telling me I’m too fat. You want a wing bruah? Cause I promise I do not care. I am a BBW/thicker than a snicker sexworker. Don’t like it? I’m not the one for you.”

I was bowled over by not on her humour towards someone being rude to her but also her total boss energy. I wanted to be her, I wanted to be friends with her… so I decided to get to know her.

The Amazon Athena

What enticed her in

Since meeting her partner, who had previously been a submissive to other women, The Amazon Athena began researching through Twitter and the web more about the kink scene. By searching different hashtags, she started to gather some info on FemDomme. She then did some further research through the web and also contacted some FinDommes, who have since become friends, or advice.

This was important to her so that she could ensure she was performing safe practices during sessions. (Can you see a theme through all the Dommes I love and the importance they place on safety and consent?!) She has a love for both FemDomme and FinDomme equally and I can imagine her totally controlling a room during a session.

Having always believed women were the true superior beings, it’s the power she loves in FemDomme. I love her description of power as an “intense feeling of blood rushing through my body as I’ve drained a man and he’s under my spell”. I adore hearing women tell me that their kink scene life gives them that extra feeling of power. We all have that power within and just need to own it, which The Amazon Athena definitely does!

There are always pros and cons

After reading the above quoted Tweet, I had to ask how she deals with “subs” (in inverted commas because REAL subs are polite to ALL women even if they’re not their type) and people in general being rude online. Her answer was such a positive one. She said that for every person that doesn’t like her appearance there are at least four more that love it and recognise her beauty.

Unfortunately, that is something we see online a lot is people hiding behind their screens and being horrible about people’s weight, the colour of their skin or for whatever reason!

It’s sad and pathetic because I’m sure it’s something they wouldn’t dare say in public and it’s none of their business! If you can’t say anything nice then keep on scrolling! Thankfully, The Amazon Athena has found that FemDomme has taught her more about herself.

She’s found more confidence in herself and her appearance while also becoming more outspoken. The even better part of this is that she said this new lease of confidence has spilled into her personal life as well! Yes women! Take your kink and use it to give you that boost of confidence to own the world!

Find The Amazon Athena on Twitter at: @TheAmazonAthena

Written exclusively for Female Fetish Federation

5 responses to ““You want a (chicken) wing bruah?” The Amazon Athena is willing to share!”

  1. BiGirl Bye! says:

    I love her energy! Following her on Twitter after reading this article! Can’t get enough of her! I’d love to meet her and go for drinks! And of course some chicken after the club! Girls night!

  2. Sam the Sub says:

    People can be so horrible while they’re hiding behind their screens. I don’t understand it. I’m so glad you’re able to realise that there are more out there that think you’re stunning and beautiful inside and out. What’s your favourite trait in a sub? Asking for a me!

    • It’s a cowards way to post mean comments about other people. This was a great interview in getting us to know Amazon Athena!

  3. Submissive Sarah says:

    Wow!!! The Amazon Athena is stunning and hilarious!!! I would love to buy her some chicken wings and let her dance around while eating them. Spicy or BBQ?

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